Seafood Restaurant Sparks Debate After Serving ‘Stuffed Duck Neck’

A seafood restaurant has sparked a debate online after serving 'stuffed duck neck'. 
Credit: @westernslaundry/Instagram

A seafood restaurant has sparked a debate online after serving ‘stuffed duck neck’. 

Westerns Laundry, based in London, left customers divided when they posted the unusual dish on Instagram.

They captioned the post: “Stuffed duck neck, turnips and lentils. 

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Restaurant 'Stuffed duck neck'
The seafood restaurant has sparked a backlash after serving ‘stuffed duck neck’. Credit: @westernslaundry/Instagram

“We like to honour the lives of the animals we cook with by using all their parts. Too much waste is created in our industry by buying prized cuts and discarding the rest of the animal.”

Priced at £18, the dish turned out to be the most fourth expensive item found on the menu.

After seeing the photo, many people took to comments and dubbed the meal ‘too much’.

One person penned: “No that is too much.”

Jokingly, another added: “A Gascon favourite.”

Others took to Twitter and blasted the restaurant for claiming that the animal was being ‘respected’ by using its entire body.

One person raged: “I find this dish reminds me of all the suffering inflicted on animals by me and all humans in the name of fashion.

“I try my hardest to avoid meat. Maybe this has finally convinced me to not even eat on a Sunday.”

A second chipped in: “HONOUR THEIR LIVES! Don’t eat them!” 

Alongside a photo of the duck’s head, a third commented: “This is on the menu at the Westerns Laundry, in Highbury, London. Duck neck stuffed with turnips and lentils. No wonder Britain gets bad food press.”

Since Westerns London opened back in 2017, it has received a number of positive reviews, including one from Jay Rayner, who has published work in The Guardian.

Reviewing the restaurant, he wrote: “The food is excellent at this new Islington seafood house. But the silly fad for ‘natural’ wines will spoil your dinner.”

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