Sergeant Who Posted Travelling Photos While On Sick Leave Has Quit Force Due To Bullying

A sergeant has quit the force after sharing racy snaps of herself travelling the world despite being on sick leave. She’s blamed “bullying” colleagues for the decision. 

Leanne Carr, who was the ‘poster girl’ for Lincolnshire Police throughout her 14 years in the force, has announced her resignation on social media.

In 2018, the former sergeant sparked controversy when glamorous shots of her emerged on social media, showing her travelling to places such as Thailand, Austria, Cyprus and South Africa, even though she was supposed to be on long-term sick leave.

Previously, the 35-year-old has appeared in promotional material for Lincolnshire Police, whilst also sharing images of herself in skimpy bikinis in her spare time.

Although she returned to her £45,000-a-year post, it was revealed that she continued to make extra money through flaunting her cleavage while playing video games.

On her last shift, Leanne decided to share a post about her decision to leave the force. She wrote: “Bullying, harassment and victimisation is not okay. Not on any level.

“After 14 years service as a Police Constable, Police Sergeant and Police Inspector I am immensely proud of myself. I achieved that through hard work, determination, sacrifices and a love for serving the public.

“Sadly I’ve had to close the door to the negativity I’ve endured from my colleagues for my own sanity and to protect my own mental health.

“NC this is Inspector/Sergeant/Police Constable 94 Leanne Carr signing off for the last time. Goodnight.”


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In 2017, it is believed that Leanne decided to sign off with a stress-related illness after she became the subject of an internal misconduct investigation.

When fellow officers saw the saucy images of Leanne online, it sparked anger.

At the time, a police source wrote: “This is a senior officer – a sergeant earning around £45,000-a-year – and in my opinion some of the photos are not befitting of someone in that role.

“In practically every photograph she is wearing next to nothing and some of the poses she does are very suggestive.

“Lincolnshire Police know about this but are allowing it to happen despite having a strict policy on what an officer can share on social media.”


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A Lincolnshire Police spokesperson said: “Lincolnshire Police can confirm that Sergeant Carr has resigned as a police officer.

“We thank her for her service as a police officer.”

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