Seven Planets ‘Aligned For First Time In 18 Years’ Today

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Seven planets ‘aligned for the first time in 18 years’ today and it was apparently ‘visible from the UK’. 

Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus all lined up, however, Neptune and Uranus weren’t visible to those without a telescope.

It’s understood that it took place around 04:41am, so an hour before the sun rose.

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Tom Kerss, an astronomer who founded Stargazing London, told The Sun: “It’s well worth setting an early alarm and peering out from your garden, or any south/east-facing window or balcony available to you.

“The planets are easy to pick out even in the relatively light summer sky. Unlike stars, they don’t appear to twinkle, and Mars is noticeably orange, whereas Saturn is faintly golden.”

He added: “The inner planets, Mercury and Venus, don’t get very high above the horizon before sunrise with Mercury, in particular, climbing less than eight degrees before it fades out of view.

“To appreciate them, you’ll need a very low – preferably flat – eastern horizon, free from obstructions like trees or buildings. It may be worth scoping out a good viewing spot ahead of time to improve your chances.”

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Many took to Twitter and said they kept an eye out for the special moment.

One tweeted: “I saw Mars and Jupiter! Too many houses and trees in the way to see all of ‘em, darn it. But I knew they were out there, so it was still a thrill.”

“Good morning world!” a second enthused. |The planets aligned… Great things are coming!”

According to Science Focus, the last time this sight was visible was in 2004, and the next time is predicted to be in September 2040.

The website also notes that the occasion is extra special as the planets ‘will appear in the same order as they are in their orbits around the sun’.

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