Sex Doll Manufacturer Is Creating New ‘Monster’ Models That Have Vampire Teeth And Tails

A sex doll manufacturer based in the UK has had a change of direction during lockdown, as there has been an increasing demand for sex dolls with fantasy and mythical elements, including vampire teeth and tails. 

British company LoveDolls, which is based inside the world’s biggest sex doll factory in the city of Zhongshan, China, has seen a change in their customers’ needs over lockdown, with people now enquiring about “monster” models.

Over the past six months, the manufacturer has been attending to these needs by adding tails, hooves and even vampire teeth to the dolls.

The company currently exports its products to the US and a few European countries, with staff currently in the midst of designing “fantasy alien dolls”.

The business sells its model through and has previously had porn stars’ bodies 3D-scanned and customised at the Jinsan Factory.


The company spokesperson, Adam, told the Daily Star: “In terms of stuff in the pipeline, there’s a lot of people asking for essentially monster things.

“They want tails and ears and teeth and all that.”

Apparently, the company is now receiving such requests at least two times a week, on average.

Customers are desiring their models to be otherworldly and have alienlike eyes with unusual colours, hooves and even red and blue skin.


Adam continued: “Most people, however, do not go for the custom models because they are more expensive – it costs an extra $700 (£529).

“We have some tails in production now, which we expect to be available to purchase in January.

“They are expected to be very popular…we have also been selling a lot more vampire teeth and tongues.”

A doll sold by the company is on sale for $1,800 (£1,361) on average.

Adam believes that the demand for “monster” models has happened because people have been at home more because of the pandemic and might be playing fantasy-themed computer games.


He explained: “I have come to this conclusion from not just the sales, but all the email requests.

“Before lockdown the majority of email requests were asking for dolls that looked like specific porn stars or movie stars.

“However, nowadays the vast majority of requests are for fantasy characters from computer games or movies.

“They almost always have a sexy human body, but with a pretty face and alien features such as elf heads, colourful skin, horns, crazy eye colours and vampire teeth.”

Meanwhile, Californian firm RealDolls has been spending the past five years developing sex dolls that can talk and learn new information.

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