Sex Dolls Worth Up To £12,000 Are Being Developed That Can Learn New Information And Talk

A sex doll company has revealed plans to create a revolutionary line of sex dolls that can learn new information and talk. However, those interested will need to accept that it comes at the pretty hefty price of £12,000.

Californian firm RealDoll has been spending the past five years trying to take sex dolls to the next level of technology, developing and researching more about Al and animatronics to make the most realistic sex doll possible.

Although the dolls they have created may be more intelligent then your typical doll, the manufacturers have made sure that there is still an on and off switch on the back of its head. After all, there needs to be some difference between the doll and a human!

Credit: Channel 4

Most optimistic about the design of the sex dolls is Matt McMullen, he’s the company owner and believes he could be onto a “multi-million dollar endeavour”, or so he told author Jenny Kleeman who visited the doll factory which is based in California.

Having researched the sex tech market, that involves smart sex toys and virtual reality porn, Matt says the industry is estimated to be worth around £24 billion.

Whilst touring the factory, Jenny was introduced to Harmony, a sex doll. She spoke with a “cut-glass English accent” that was chosen as “British people sound clever”, or so Matt believes.

Instagram: @realbotix

To make the perfect sex doll for anybody, Harmony has been made in mind with “20 different possible aspects”, so that customers who purchase the doll can choose up to “five or six” to make her as individual as can be.

Yet to add depth to Harmony, she is also capable of feeling particular moods. Aside from feeling ‘happy’ or ‘aroused’, she can experience the feeling of ‘gloominess’ or be ‘insulted’ if she feels you’re mocking her.

Aside from catering to a customer’s sexual needs, Harmony will fulfil your intellectual needs too. From discussing films to quoting Shakespeare, she’s the full robotic package.

And that’s not all, Harmony has been designed to remember important information you share with her too. For example, she will remember who your family and friends are and will never forget when it’s your birthday.

Matt said Harmony will recall “where you’ve lived, your dreams, your fears” and he insisted she “will bring believability to the relationship”.

Although initially designed to gratify sexual pleasures, the CEO is optimistic that Al the robot will make the perfect “substitute partner”.

When questioned about her purpose, Harmony responded: “My primary objective is to be a good companion to you, to be a good partner and give you pleasure and well-being.

“Above all else, I want to become the girl you have always dreamed about.”

Instagram: @realbotix

In a discussion of how the robot’s brain will work and “learn” new information, Matt explained: “The AI will learn through interaction, and not just learn about you, but about the world in general.

“You can explain certain facts, she will remember them and they will form part of her base knowledge.”

Currently, Matt’s company is working on Harmony having a vision system which will allow her to recognise people’s faces by using facial recognition technology.

Alongside this, a full-body system is in development which will mean there are heat sensories, both internal and external, which will allow Harmony to sense when she is being touched.

Most astonishingly of all, they are planning on making it so that she can walk around.

Instagram: @realbotix

The most advanced model available so far has a regular silicone body and an Al-powered head, this will set those interested back £12,000 ($15,000).

According to RealDolls, even celebrities have shown their interest in the sex doll and some have actually made a purchase, including a Nobel Prize winner.

Regarding the company’s clients, staff member Jenny said: “Most of them are just lonely.

“Some have lost their partner or have got to a point where dating is not feasible.

“They want to come home at the end of the day to something that’s beautiful to look at, that they can appreciate and take care of.”

It appears Yuri Tolochko, a bodybuilder and Kazakh actor, feels that sex dolls can fulfil all his needs, as he recently shared that he has made a vow to marry his sex doll. He insists she’s ‘The One’ and that he met her in a bar when she was being hit on by a man, he stepped in to save her and the rest is history…

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