Sexologist Believes ‘Orgasms Kill Coronavirus’ As She Thinks It’s Good For The Immune System

A sexologist has made the bold claim to her substantial media following, stating that sex “super-activates the immune system” and because elderly people are typically less sexually active, this is why they are more to susceptible to becoming infected with COVID-19. 

Natalia Kobikinai, a sexologist, has claimed that “orgasms kill all coronaviruses” and has also suggested that a “good and deep b***job clears the karma and raises the vibration”, which is therefore good for the immune system.

The Russian born social media influencer, who has over 98,000 followers on Instagram, is well known for regularly posting messages about sex and relationships for her online fans.

Instagram: @nataliakobilkina

In a recent class, she brought up the topic of coronavirus and offered viewers some advice. She said to avoid the highly infectious COVID-19 virus, you need to be having sex and orgasms.

Kobikinaai said: “Orgasms kill all coronaviruses. I guarantee you that. Sex is very good prophylaxis against coronavirus as it super-activates the immune system.

“That’s why older people get sick, they don’t orgasm. If they had sex they would deal with the virus better.”

She added: “A good and deep b***job clears the karma and raises the vibration. So girls who want to clear their karma need to find a ‘victim’ willing to sacrifice their ‘banana’.”

Instagram: @nataliakobilkina

However, many took to Twitter to criticise this advice with there being no evidence to support her claims.

One wrote: “I’m wondering what to think. It’s better not to bother people with your nonsense.”

Another commented: “You are pretty dumb.”

Despite the negative comments, some said they would be trying her eccentric tips.

Instagram: @nataliakobilkina

Kobikinai is the author of several bestselling novels, including ‘A Woman’s Guide to Happiness’, ’69 Sex Tips’ and ’33 Days to the Dream’.

According to numerous reports, she is also a qualified family therapist and clinical psychologist with a Master’s degree in Family Psychotherapy and Sexology from the Research Institute for Family Systems Therapy and Medical Psychology in Russia.

Meanwhile, a woman claims she’s drinking semen every day to protect herself against coronavirus.

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