Shamima Begum Fears She’ll Be ‘Sentenced To Death’ If Put On Trial

Shamima Begum
Credit: ITV & BBC via YouTube

Shamima Begum, who recently claimed she ‘could help Boris Johnson,’ is reportedly worried she’ll be ‘sentenced to death’ if she goes on trial for joining ISIS in Syria. 

Begum, who left her London home to join the extremist group at 15, has allegedly been accused of ‘helping make bombs’ for the organisation and being part of their ‘morality police’.

According to The Sun, the 22-year-old is ‘very frightened and concerned’. The outlet claim a source said: “Begum has convinced herself she’ll pay the ultimate price if she is tried and found guilty of terrorism offences in Syria.

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“She’s very frightened and concerned.

“She’s been told she will be put on trial in Rojava, probably as one of a group of women accused of terrorist offences.”

They also said that Rojava authorities ‘don’t advocate the death penalty,’ but added this hasn’t eased Begum’s fears.

It comes as several male fighters for the group have already been put on trial by the Kurdish Syrian Democratic Force.

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Apparently, females who have been accused of similar crimes have been told their trials will begin in the summer.

Begum continued to protest her innocence in an interview with The Daily Mail. Claiming that she was ‘radicalised’ into joining the group, she said: “I was an angel who was brainwashed.

“I was an angel, you can ask my mum, I was an angel. I don’t want to be tried in Syria.”

The former ISIS bride also sparked complaints to Ofcom after an interview on Good Morning Britain live from a refugee camp.

After watching the segment, one viewer took to Twitter, writing: “This television interview with Shamima Begum is all types of questionable. Surely the UK, like other countries, could have come up with a better process than trial by ITV.”

“I’m highly offended that GMB has taken Piers Morgan off my screen and put Shamima Begum on it,” added another.

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