‘World’s Deadliest’ Sharks ‘Heading To UK’ Due To Climate Change

Sharks UK: The 'world's deadliest sharks' are 'heading to the UK' due to climate change.
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The ‘world’s deadliest sharks’ are ‘heading to the UK’ due to climate change

Marine biologist Ryan Johnston appeared on National Geographic’s SharkFest on July 17 and warned Brits to ‘keep their eyes peeled’ for the great white.

He said: “I would urge every British shark fan to keep their eyes peeled because sooner or later they are going to see a great white in British waters.

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“The theory that a lot of people are working with is that, as climate change comes, warmer waters are going to reach up into the UK.

“Because there is a great white population in the Mediterranean and around Spain, that population will be able to extend up to English waters.

“How quickly that will happen we don’t know, but throughout the world, we have started to see distribution changes in many shark species.”

He went on to say that the majority of shark species that are ‘heading to the UK’ are mostly ‘harmless’.

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Johnston continued: “The most common sharks in the UK are the basking shark and the porbeagle, but they are entirely harmless.

“The basking shark feeds on tiny little things that are a centimetre long. The porbeagle is often mistaken for a baby great white because they are closely related.

“The great white also shares the porbeagle’s ability to elevate their body temperature, which allows them to go into cold water.

“But the great white isn’t as advanced, so it’s difficult for them to really extend into British waters, for now. That will change as the seas get warmer – and we might not have to wait too long.”

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