Shoppers Slam M&S For Selling An £11.50 Bottle Of Hand Sanitizer

Shoppers have slammed M&S after discovering that the supermarket is now selling a bottle of hand sanitizer priced at a whopping £11.50.

Originally, the Belux Instant Hand Sanitizer was being sold at £15 a bottle. Yet when customers expressed their outrage, the store insisted it had been “by mistake” to sell it so highly. However, the new price of £11.50 has had shoppers of M&S as equally annoyed as it’s still far more expensive than other rivals.

In comparison, a 500ml bottle of Nilaqua Hand Sanitizer will set customers back just £4.15 if shopping at Boots and the same size bottle of hand sanitizer by Medex will cost £7.99 from Lloyds Pharmacy.

Despite stocking the same size bottles of hand gel, Sanifix is being sold at M&S for over a tenner and people are not happy about it. People claim that the store is taking advantage of the coronavirus pandemic and is upping prices.

In the meantime,  the Competitions & Markets Authority (CMA) have warned that there could be fines for companies that use the pandemic to increase the prices on products.

Currently, the watchdog is calling on the government to intervene so that this doesn’t happen and is urging them to create a new set of emergency laws so that shops can’t take advantage.

As the government has advised people to make sure that they are regularly washing their hands to help stop the spread of the deadly coronavirus, hand sanitizers have become a high demand product in many stores.

Hand gels have been considered effective, as long as they are at least 60 per cent alcohol and has been recommended as an alternative when there’s no access to water and soap.

The hand sanitizer which is being sold at M&S, after being produced and distributed from Turkey, has had shoppers in disbelief and one customer went as far as calling it “extortionate”.

Although there have been many tweets slamming the price, an M&S spokesperson has released a statement regarding the pricing: “We’ve been selling our own brand hand gel for £2 per 100ml for over two years.

“To help our customers whilst there’s high demand, we’ve temporarily introduced branded products into our stores – competitively priced at £2.30 per 100ml.

“When Belux was introduced last month, we sold it at the wrong price for a couple of hours and customers would have course of been entitled to a refund of the difference.”

In other news, a Costco manager was filmed kicking a customer out of the store when they refused to wear a mask to follow the store’s new guidelines.

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