‘Sissy Men’ Banned From TV By China’s President

'Sissy men' banned from TV in China.
Credit: Unsplash & Pexels

‘Sissy men’ have been banned from Chinese TV and broadcasters are now being instructed to employ ‘masculine’ role models. 

President Xi Jinping also ordered an end to the promotion of ‘vulgar internet stars’ and reality TV programmes. 

He has called for a ‘national rejuvenation,’ which will extend Communist Party control over sectors such as education, business, culture and religion. 

China Is Limiting Minors To Just Three Hours A Week On Video Games

The public has also been discouraged from showing off ‘wealth or enjoyment’. Credit: Pexel

China’s broadcast regulator, the National Radio and Television Administration said: “Broadcast and TV institutions must not screen idol development programmes or variety shows and reality shows that feature the children of celebrities.”

Nationalistic blogger Li Guangman says a ‘profound transformation, or a profound revolution, is taking place’ in the country across all areas. 

He said: “This is a political transformation … returning to the original mission of the Communist Party of China, returning to the people centralism and returning to the essence of socialism.” 

The ban on effeminate men comes as companies and the public come under increasing pressure to toe the line with the Communist Party’s vision for a ‘more powerful’ China. 

The party believe there is unhealthy attention given to celebrities, who are failing to encourage the young men who live there to be masculine. 

They used an insulting slang term for effeminate men:’Niang pao’. This translates as ‘girlie guns’. 

Under their regime, programmes should ‘vigorously promote excellent Chinese traditional culture, revolutionary culture and advanced socialist culture’.

Elsewhere, rules that came into effect on Wednesday limit anyone under 18 to three hours per week of online games and banned gaming on school days.

The party also deemed some celebrities ‘social tumours’ and is tightening control over them.  

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Written by Aimee Walker

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