Small Business Owner Breaks Down In Tears After Vegan Customer Sends ‘Cruel’ Email

Credit: @tlcbody/TikTok

A small business owner recorded herself breaking down in tears after she claimed a vegan customer sent her a ‘cruel’ email. 

Carissa Collins, who manages a beauty company called TLC Body, took to TikTok and said the message was ‘too much’ after an already difficult day.

The woman, from Queensland, Australia, explained: “Oh my God. Normally emails like this wouldn’t get to me too much.

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The small business owner broke down in tears over a ‘cruel’ email a vegan customer sent. Credit: @tlcbody/TikTok

“But today has been a day. I literally just received an email from a customer complaining about me giving them a lolly.”

She explained that along with the orders, she will send out free lollipops. But the customer took offence to the fact the sweet wasn’t vegan friendly.

The business owner went on to show screenshots of the conversation.

In the chat, the customer vowed to never purchase any items from her again, as she couldn’t ‘trust her words’.

They fumed: “I don’t even eat lollies – vegan or not – what do you think you are gaining by sending someone a bit of sugary junk in the first place?”

Emotional, Collins asked: “When did it become okay to speak to people like this?

“I’m trying to do a nice thing by giving free gifts with orders, if you don’t like a lolly don’t eat it.

“I’m done with today, I can’t do today anymore.”

@tlcbodyShould I not be giving lollies with my orders??♬ original sound – tlc Body

The clip has now been viewed over 500,000 times and thousands have taken to the comments to share their support of the business owner.

One TikToker said: “I am vegan and get sent extra things that aren’t vegan all the time. I just give them to friends. It’s the thought that counts.”

Another added: “People are vicious online. It’s a reflection of them, not you. It’s embarrassing she feels it’s okay to speak like this. She’s not worth your energy.”

“Oh please don’t cry, LAUGH! That customer is a joke,” a third commented.

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