‘Snow White’ Kiss Sparks Heated Consent Debate On ‘Good Morning Britain’

The kiss in Snow White and The Seven Dwarves has caused a heated debate about consent on Good Morning Britain on Wednesday. 
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The kiss in Snow White and The Seven Dwarves has caused a heated debate about consent on Good Morning Britain on Wednesday. 

It’s been a hot topic ever since Disneyland unveiled a new scene that has been added to its Snow White’s Enchanted Wish ride which shows the moment Prince Charming kisses her, while she is asleep.

Speaking on the show, dating expert Nichi Hodgson said ‘Disney has a moral duty’ to be an ‘ethical business’.

Disneyland’s ‘Snow White’ Ride Slammed For Including Prince’s ‘Non-Consensual’ Kiss

She said: “Many parents don’t know what their children are watching. And may not be paying attention.

“Disney has a moral duty. They can be an ethical business if they want to be. They make billions every year from their films. Children watch their films from a very young age, and they are some of the first stories they imbibe.

“The original story does not end with a kiss, Disney invented that kiss. They do have responsibility for changing the original plotline.”

However, relationship expert Emiliana Silvestri disagreed with her points and said the teaching of consent is ‘the responsibility of the parent’.

Explaining her view, she said: “I watched all the Disney films as a child, so does my child, and neither of us are confused about consent.

“I think [consent teaching] is the responsibility of the parent. It’s an important conversation to be having, but it’s not Disney we should be looking to that’s the cause of this problem.

“Disney has evolved through criticism and they have changed the characters throughout the years. This is a very historical story and I don’t think they should have to change history because of this consent debate when the story never caused any issues.”

The conversation has also sparked a huge debate on Twitter, with one person writing: “I am in a state of shock with this. As a normal man growing up to Disney I think people who do daft things like this need to look in the mirror before opening their mouths.”

Another added: “Sorry but it’s a fairytale. Never heard such crap in all my life. If people think this is an issue they are the problem.”

“Oh my God – they literally have nothing else to go get sorted – like gun violence deaths, racism and poverty – but they freak over a cartoon? Man, that’s just sad really,” a third tweeted.

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