‘Sour Patch’ Edibles Sparks Police Warning To Parents

Parents have been told to be on 'high alert' after a large number of 'stoner sweets' edibles were found at a den in 'Sour Patch' packaging.
Credit: Sussex Police

Parents have been told to be on ‘high alert’ after a large number of ‘stoner sweets’ edibles were found at a Sussex drug den in ‘Sour Patch’ packaging.

According to Metro, the edibles contain up to six times more THC than is permitted in medicinal products and were marked ‘Stoney Patch,’ in almost identical packaging to kids’ favourite Sour Patch sweets.

A spokesperson for Sussex Police said: “Two people were arrested and a significant quantity of drugs and cash were seized during warrants executed by police in East Sussex.

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“Officers from the East Sussex Tactical Enforcement Unit (TEU) and Neighbourhood Enforcement Unit (NET) attended addresses in Bexhill Road, St Leonards and Preston Road, Bexhill on Monday, August 8 following information received from the community around suspected drug-related activity.

“More than 5kg of c*nnabis and c*nnabis resin was found at the two properties, alongside nearly £5,000 in cash and large quantities of c*nnabis edibles.

“C*nnabis edibles are foodstuffs such as sweets, chocolate and cakes which have been infused with extracts containing the psychoactive agents found in c*nnabis.”

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Inspector Aidan Cornwall said: “This was a significant operation with more than 150 separate items seized during lengthy searches at both addresses.

“It was an operation that also highlights our commitment to listening to the community’s concerns and following up on the information we receive.

“C*nnabis edibles can be incredibly dangerous. For one, they are often packaged in brightly-coloured and professional-looking packaging which can not only look like legitimate food, but can also be particularly appealing to children and young people.

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“However, these items are produced in often unsanitary conditions and with no quality-control, meaning those consuming these products have no idea what the strength of them will be, nor what contaminants they may also contain.

“The consumption of c*nnabis edibles has been linked with a number of hospitalisations and even deaths, and so we are particularly pleased to have removed such a large quantity from circulation.”

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