Spain’s New Air-Con Law Could ‘Kill Tourism’

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A new air-con law in Spain aimed at saving on energy costs could leave holidaymakers sweltering.

According to EuroNews, the bill recently passed by the nation’s government means shops, offices and hospitality venues will be forced to keep their air-con systems above 27 degrees celsius over the summer months.

Despite a ‘heatwave’ across much of Spain, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said last week: “You just need to walk into a shopping mall to realise that maybe the temperature is set too low.”

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The measures are set to be ditched in November, when temperatures are expected to drop significantly.

Under the new rules, stores will also have to turn off their window lights after 10pm, though street lighting will not be affected according to Spain’s Ecological Transition Minister, Teresa Ribera.

The laws have been passed as part of a bid to reduce the country’s gas consumption by 7 per cent, in line with a recent European Union energy agreement, limiting dependency on Russian gas.

Temperatures in the popular tourist area, Costa Del Sol, have been regularly reaching 35 degrees celsius and the state weather service has not ruled out ‘heatwave’ status.

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A spokesperson for the service said: “It cannot be ruled out that it will end up being classified as a heatwave, especially in the south-west of the peninsula, although it will not be as extraordinary as that of mid-July.”

Twitter users were far from pleased by the announcement, with one writing: “Between this and the Covid nonsense, they’ve absolutely killed their tourism.

“Give it a year or two and they’ll be absolutely begging people to come back.”

Another said: “They’ve absolutely chucked it.”

A third had a different take: “Having spent time working in hot and cold countries, the worst thing is moving from extreme hot or cold outside to the opposite inside, and back again.

“It was the easiest way to get sick. But it’s common sense and should not need a law! But sense went out the window long ago.”

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