Stacey Solomon Accused Of Getting ‘Special Treatment’ Over Puppy Adoption

Stacey Solomon Dog Adoption: The reality TV star and singer has been accused of getting 'special treatment' after adopting a rescue puppy.
Credit: @staceysolomon/Instagram

Stacey Solomon has been accused of getting ‘special treatment’ after adopting a rescue puppy. 

The TV personality took to Instagram last week and announced that she’d got a cocker spaniel, called Teddy, following the death of her other dog, Theo, to keep her dachshund, Peanut, company.

However, the decision hasn’t gone down well with her followers, who’ve branded it ‘unfair’.

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Slamming the star, one said: “I’d love to know how you do this I had to go and get a puppy as no rescue would let me have a dog due to having a baby. You have a toddler and a baby…

“It’s ridiculous that so-called normal people can’t rescue but famous people can and it doesn’t matter about the circumstances…

“No hate, just it’s unfair how the system works. Why should someone being famous change a dog’s life in a rescue centre? I may have given a rescue dog just as good a life as you?”

Stacey Solomon's son with the family dogs.
Stacey Solomon has been accused of getting ‘special treatment’ after adopting a rescue puppy. Credit: @staceysolomon/Instagram

In agreement, a second questioned: “Can’t believe he is a rescue dog, and they just let you take him home. What next will you celebrities be able to do? We would have been checked and had a home visit.”

The charity that Solomon is believed to have used, ProDogsDirect, has since released a statement and denied any ‘special treatment’.

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It reportedly reads: “We treat each dog as an individual – lots of our dogs, sadly the majority, cannot be homed with young children because of their past or lack of information about their past.

“[Teddy] is great with children, he has a fab temperament and is now in a great home. We know that it is difficult when you have children, and we wish all of our dogs could be homed with children.”

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