Star Signs Most Likely To Have Spontaneous S**

The star signs for the people most likely to have a one-night stand have been revealed.
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The star signs for the people most likely to have spontaneous s** has been revealed.

S**ual wellness brand Lovehoney has conducted a survey where they have asked 1000 people questions about their intimate relationships.

Turns out that two in five Australians actually schedule ahead of time when they plan to get frisky.

From this study, Lovehoney has managed to find out which star signs are more spontaneous when it comes to the bedroom.

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According to the research, Geminis are the most likely to have spontaneous s**.

On the flip, 48 per cent of Sagittarians admitted to planning intimate time with their partner in advance, closely followed by Aquarians and Taureans – who are both at 46 per cent.

Surprisingly, the study also reveals that men of all star signs are more likely to organise when to make love to their partner (49 per cent) than women (38 per cent).

Cam Fraser, an ambassador at Lovehoney and a male s** coach believes that planning ahead of time when you went to get frisky can be beneficial for a number of reasons, especially ‘for people who struggle with spontaneous libido’.

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“If s** is scheduled, it can give them and their partner(s) something to build up to, to expect, and prepare for,” he adds.

“Scheduling s** can also be great for couples who do not have a lot of room for spontaneity, such as parents or people who work long hours.

“Additionally, [it] may lead to more sexual excitement because you’re able to leverage the sense of anticipation and begin foreplay long before you get to the time that s** is scheduled in your calendar.

Woman in bed with partner.
Geminis are believed to have the most spontaneous s**. Credit: Alamy

“Ultimately, scheduling s** can demonstrate a commitment to your relationship, improve communication, and guarantee quality time with your partner.”

Lovehoney’s research also looked into what time of day people most enjoy getting intimate – with two-thirds (61 per cent) revealing that their preference is late at night.

Early evening came in second at 14 per cent, followed in third place by early morning at 10 per cent.

Only two per cent of those who participated said they preferred making love midday.

Fraser also believes that there is no ‘right’ time when it comes to getting frisky with your partner – adding that it is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ situation.

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He explains: “There are a few different opinions about the ‘ideal’ time of the day to have s**.

“For example, some people suggest first thing in the morning, as men’s testosterone is the highest at this time.

“Other people suggest around three o’clock in the afternoon, as that is the time when men’s and women’s hormones are most in sync.

“Of course, both of these suggestions presuppose that at least a man is in the relationship.”

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