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Starbucks Customer Claims Barista Tipped Themselves With Her Change

A Starbucks customer claims that an employee failed to give her back her change and assumed that the transaction's leftover cash was a tip.
Credit: @recycledboyfriend/TikTok

A Starbucks customer claims that an employee failed to give her back her change and assumed that the transaction’s leftover cash was a tip.

TikToker @recycledboyfriend, aka Lily Kate Holbert, shared the story in a video that has racked up around 200,000 views on the platform.

She explained: “I literally just had a Starbucks barista tip herself.”

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Holbert explained that she has recently been paying for drinks in cash so that she can treat herself without feeling guilty.

She jokingly explained: “If I pay in cash, then it, like, doesn’t really happen. The money didn’t actually go away.”

Holbert claims she always pays the same price as she always gets the same drink, until one transaction, when her change was never returned.

She said: “I’m waiting for the change because I know it’s supposed to come… She just frickin’ drops the change into the tip jar.”

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One person commented: “You should [have] said something and honestly asked for [the] manager.”

Others said Holbert should have demanded her change and acquire a receipt in future.

“You should have def said something! Just nicely be like, ‘Oh, can I get my change please?’. And see what she says,” a second person commented.


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A number of people said that the barista probably meant no harm.

One said: “I’d say there’s like a 95 per cent chance it was an accident and the barista is embarrassed.

“Lol as a barista sometimes it’s muscle memory,” another said.

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In a follow-up video, Holbert said she has now resorted to paying for the drinks in exact change to avoid any confusion.

“I did just run out of $1 bills, though, so I won’t be doing that anymore.

“But it was a good run for the week.”

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