Man Slams Starbucks Worker Over ‘Savage’ Message On Drink Order

Starbucks 'Karen' Message: A man has slammed a Starbucks worker over a 'savage' message he left on his drink order. 
Credit: @verifiedbluecheckmarc/TikTok

A man has slammed a Starbucks worker over a ‘savage’ message he left on his drink order. 

The TikTok creator, who goes by the username @verifiedbluecheckmarc, went viral after trying to use the chain’s birthday reward scheme the day before his actual birthday.

In the video, he told his followers how he wanted to treat himself to an $11 frappucino when he was told he couldn’t use the benefit.

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The man's Starbuck order.
The man slammed a Starbucks worker over a ‘savage’ message he found on his drink order. Credit: @verifiedbluecheckmarc/TikTok

Disappointed, the TikToker asked if he could change his order to an iced coffee instead.

So when he received his drink, he was left gobsmacked when he found that the worker had apparently named him ‘Karen’ on the digital label.

In the video’s caption, the guy remarked: “Guess who is having a birthday chat with the manager tomorrow.”

Since being shared, the clip has garnered a whopping 84,000 likes and many people have taken to the comments.

One viewer said: “Why are they forcing us to get it on our actual birthday now? Like girl, I’m busy that day let me go the day after for my hangover coffee.”

Another asked: “Who else remembers when they gave you the entire month to use your birthday reward?”

“It used to be good for a week, now it’s only your actual birthday,” a third agreed.

Others took to the comments and said that Starbucks’ rule was ‘fair,’ with one penning: “I mean… it’s called a birthday reward, it makes sense that you have to use it on your birthday…”

In agreement, another added: “I mean it’s a free drink, just get it on your birthday or don’t. Most food places do it like that.”

Another person took to the comments and argued that the staff member didn’t write ‘Karen’ on his cup, and suggested he may have done it himself.

“When it has those asterisks that means you mobile ordered it, meaning you chose your own name lol,” they commented.

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