Starbucks Is Putting A Controversial New Ingredient In Its Drink

Starbucks' newest drink will have a spoonful of olive oil in every cup.
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Starbucks is putting a controversial new ingredient in its drink

The coffee chain, which is the world’s biggest, has more than 32,000 stores in 80 countries and a range of delicious beverages to choose from.

However, its latest offering has raised a few eyebrows.

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Three new beverages will be rolling out in the UK and all will include Partanna extra virgin olive oil. To be super clear, this doesn’t mean a dash or hint of the liquid fat but rather a whole spoonful.

This will add a total of 120 calories to the drink.

Earlier this year, the three new drinks were added to menus in the US, Italy and Japan. They are now available to order in a select number of London stores.

This brand-new line is called Oleato and it includes a latte, iced espresso and cold brew – the olive oil will either be steamed, shaken or blended in.

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The Oleato Iced Shaken Espresso (which will cost £5.45 for a tall size) is made up of rich expresso and oat milk over ice.

While the Oleato Golden Foam Cold Brew (which will set customers back £5.65 for the tallest size) is a cold brew coffee that’s topped with a creamy foam.

And finally, the Oleato Caffé Latte, at £4.65, uses Starbucks blonde expresso roast beans. It can also be served with whatever type of milk you’d prefer.

It is important to bear in mind that prices may vary slightly from store to store.

Starbucks’ chief marketing officer, Brady Brewer, tells CNN that it’s ‘one of the biggest launches we’ve had in decades’.

Oleato Starbucks.
Starbucks is putting a spoonful of olive oil in its new drink range. Credit: Starbucks

He says the company is betting on people being curious to try out the new concoctions, as they’ll be keen to know what it actually tastes like.

Apparently, the coffee chain decided to make the gamble after the business’ top boss, Howard Schultz, was inspired by olive oil during a trip to Sicily, where he saw people sipping a spoonful in the morning.

After hearing about Starbucks’ latest launch, many customers have taken to social media and reacted.

Unsure, one person writes: “My stomach won’t let me order this.”

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Another adds: “I like olive oil but don’t think I’d like it in coffee.”

Somebody else comments: “I don’t know how to feel.”

While others are loving the new launch, with one fan commenting: “The cold brew is the best!”

In agreement, a second says: “This sounds so good.”

Defending the range, another person comments: “I don’t know what the heck all of you guys are talking about but that drink was delicious.”

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