Stephen Graham’s New Movie ‘Boiling Point’ Praised As ‘Piercingly Compelling’

Stephen Graham's new movie Boiling Point has been praised as 'piercingly compelling' by viewers.
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Stephen Graham’s new movie Boiling Point has been praised as ‘piercingly compelling’ by viewers.

The drama, which was filmed in one take, follows Graham as a head chef who is pushed to his limits on the biggest night of the year, the last Friday before Christmas. 

It was filmed just before the nation was forced into lockdown in March 2020 because of Covid-19. 

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Graham told The Guardian they wanted the film to raise awareness of mental health issues and portray the ‘reality of London restaurants’.

He said: “We wanted to raise awareness of mental health issues, the amount of pressure in this industry.

“And have a fair representation of what it’s like in a London kitchen. We wanted a completely diverse cast, you know? ’

“Because the front of the house can be considered very white, in elitist restaurants. But if you go in the back.”

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Viewers shared their amazement on Twitter, especially at the fact the title was filmed all in one single shot.

One person wrote: “Watched Boiling Point, I can’t sing high enough praises. Fantastic cast and crew in a real feat of cinema.”

Another added: “Stephen Graham is easily one of the most talented actors this country has produced. If you’ve ever worked in a kitchen, front of the house, behind a bar. Go and see it!”

“Just watched Boiling Point. A terrifyingly accurate portrayal of life in the hospitality sector,” said a third. 

A fourth mused: “Stephen Graham- I tip my hat to you, sir. Truly incredible performance!

“I’m not sure I even took a breath due to the intensity of the whole thing. And don’t even get me started on the fact it was done in ONE TAKE!! Remarkable film making.”

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