Student Exposes Professor’s Emails Suggesting He ‘Take Her Top And Hijab Off’

A college student has exposed messages in which her professor wrote sexually-charged emails suggesting that she “take her top and hijab off” after she messaged him about a homework assignment. 

TikTok user @cloudoda has shared screenshots of an email exchange between herself and her professor who sent her inappropriate and sexual messages about removing her clothing.

In the emails she shared with TikTok users, you can see that the email subject is titled ‘Regarding homework due on the 18/09’. However, the professor ignored the questions within her email and simply replied back: *Starts to take your top and hijab off*” – this was without any explanation or context.

In the video, @cloudoda is standing in front of the email exchange with a confused and disturbed expression. Meanwhile, there’s an audio clip playing in the background of Spanish women chanting.

The student then told her TikTok followers that she had received an equally odd follow-up email from the professor in which he said that the previous email hadn’t been meant for her.

The professor then went on to apologise to @cloudoda, yet he then requested she delete the exchange of messages between them.

He wrote: “Please ignore and delete that last email I sent you, it was an honest mistake and I’m truly beyond sorry.

“I will get back to you with your questions about the homework as soon as possible.”

Credit: TikTok

The student captioned the video she shared onto TikTok as “HELP”.

Many of the people that watched the video said they couldn’t understand how the professor had been writing the email in the first place when he said that he hadn’t meant to send it to her.

One asked: “Wait…was he writing fanfiction about u?”

Another suggested: “GET THAT A+ AND THEN PRESS CHARGES.”

A third then joked: “You realize you can now have ANYTHING you want… Grades, money, cheese on toast. The world is yours and I’m cackling.”

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