Worrying Number Of Americans Believe Chocolate Milk Comes From Brown Cows

A study has revealed that millions of Americans believe brown cows produce chocolate milk.
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It’s been revealed that a shocking number of Americans believe that brown cows produce chocolate milk…

Where does chocolate milk come from?

Well, it’s not a case of creation by nature, but rather production, by humans.

It’s just milk with added chocolatey flavouring, making it a favourite drink for many thirsty Americans.

But, worryingly, it turns out that many of them think it comes not from a factory, but from brown cows!

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People have been left baffled by the news that many US citizens think brown cows produce chocolate milk…

One writes: “With the American education system, I am not surprised!”

A second adds: “Not just America! I was a school cook and the amount of children that thought that same thing, the worst thing is I got told off for correcting them and showing them the syrup that actually makes it!”

“Some people think that milk comes from both male and female cattle. And that eggs are also laid by male chickens,” writes a third.

“Well if that’s the case, I hate to think where my banana milk came from,” laughs a fourth.

Chocolate milk
A staggering number of Americans think brown cows produce chocolate milk. Credit: Alamy

This isn’t the first time Americans have made a worrying blunder about where their food comes from.

Previous research by The Washington Post has found that nearly one in five Americans do not know that hamburgers are made from beef.

“At the end of the day, it’s an exposure issue,” said Cecily Upton, co-founder of the nonprofit FoodCorps, which brings agricultural and nutrition education into elementary schools.

“Right now, we’re conditioned to think that if you need food, you go to the store. Nothing in our educational framework teaches kids where food comes from before that point.”

Upton added: “We still get kids who are surprised that a French fry comes from a potato, or that a pickle is a cucumber.

“Knowledge is power. Without it, we can’t make informed decisions.”

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In a study by the Innovation Centre of US Dairy, it was found that seven per cent of Americans believe chocolate milk comes from brown cows.

The study polled 1,000 American adults over five days in May 2017.

It doesn’t sound like a large proportion – but when you consider the population of the United States, it actually works out to be a worrying number of people.

7% of American adults is about 17.3 million people!


Cow in a field.
Co-founder of the nonprofit FoodCorps suggests the issue is all down to a lack of proper education. Credit: Alamy

Obviously, this isn’t the case, because if cow colour impacted milk shade, regular cows would produce milk with black spots – which is a truly disgusting thought.

“To be fair, some milk questions and myths may make us smile,” the Center wrote on its website to clarify the age-old cow conundrum.

“But we realise we need accurate information to make the best choices for ourselves and our families about what we eat.”

“It is a bit surprising,” a spokeswoman for the campaign told CNN. “We don’t have a suggestion as to why people would draw that conclusion.”

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