Study Finds One In 30 People ‘Poo In The Shower’ 

Study poo in shower
Credit: Pexels & Unsplash

One in 30 people ‘poo in the shower’ according to a new study carried out by a bathroom supplier in Leicester. 

QS Supplies conducted the ‘Hidden Hygiene Habits’ survey, in which they ‘revealed the bathroom behaviour of over 1000 people’. 

The study claims that the statistic about people who have defecated while washing also included those who showered at work.

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It also alleges 18% of people only wash one to three times a week and 17% of men opt to give their genitals a wash in the sink. 

One in 20 also admitted they masturbated in the shower at work and one in three people said they urinate down the drain as well. 

The team gave more details on who took part, with half being from the UK and half from America.

They said: “The QS Supplies research team surveyed 1,010 Britons and Americans in November of 2019 (505 people from each country).

“Respondents ranged in age from 18 to 81 with a median age of 32 and with equal representation of men and women.”

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Unsurprisingly, 45% of women and 41% of men admitted that they simply opted to ‘cover up’ their undesirable stench by spraying some sort of fragrance instead of washing themselves. 

Moreover, ‘one in five’ Americans save ‘350,00 metric tons of CO2 emissions’ every year by ‘choosing to wash less frequently’ because of environmental reasons.

As well as this, approximately 40% of Brits and 61% of Americans said they bath together. Of this number, 41% of those admitted they have no qualms about farting in a shared tub.

The study also found that ‘couples who wash together tend to rate their relationship as healthier, possibly because two-thirds said it often ends in spur of the love moment’.

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