Sugar Baby Reveals She Earns £18K A Month From Her SIX Sugar Daddies

A sugar baby has revealed she earns up to £18,000 a month from her SIX sugar daddies, who treat her to luxurious holidays, designer clothing and textbooks for her university studies. 

Chloe Hyams has been earning an average of £18,000 a month by entertaining her six sugar daddies who pamper her every need, from affluent holidays to the latest designer handbags.

The 18-year-old has claimed that being a sugar baby to her multiple sugar daddies has made it possible for her to embark on her expensive university degree, in which she’s studying psychology and neuroscience.

Chloe who lives in London says she has plans to become a chartered clinical psychologist, which would require both a master’s and doctorate degree.

Credit: @chloe.hyams

Depending on her university schedule, Chloe sees up to six sugar daddies a month, who she offers companionship and meet-ups with two to four times a month – but insists she doesn’t get intimate with them.

Instead, she has unforgettable experiences from travelling to far-flung destinations including Las Vegas and Asia to dinners at The Shard and the occasional special gift.

Chloe has no issues with her lifestyle choice, but has chosen not to tell her family but says that her friends are very supportive. She has described it as an “incredibly rewarding” job that has allowed her to live an extremely comfortable life in comparison to most students.

Credit: @chloe.hyams

Speaking to MainOnline, Chloe said: “I decided to become a sugar baby during the summer holidays before I began university as I was very concerned about money and this seemed like a very attractive option.

“The number of sugar daddies I see a month is dependant upon my university schedule, during term time I see between one to two a month, however when I am not at university that amount could vary between four to six a month.”

She added: “This career field is highly appealing to me due to its incredibly rewarding nature. In my free time, I thoroughly enjoy travelling and experiencing new cultures.”

Chloe began this career path through an app called Seeking Arrangement, which is where she sources these arrangements with sugar daddies.

She said: “I typically seek an adequate monthly allowance to help fund my lifestyle. This varies from £1500-3000 a month per sugar daddy.

“I also seek shopping treats, the occasional gifts, trips and meals out.

“In return, I offer excellent companionship and see each of my sugar daddies between two and four times a month.

“Although I have not informed my family about my sugar baby lifestyle, the majority of my friends are aware and are supportive of it. I have even helped some of my closest friends to discover the benefits of entering the ‘sugar bowl’.”

Credit: @chloe.hyams

Chloe has given her career credit for allowing to travel the world so much, as many of her holidays have been treats from her sugar daddies.

She said: “My life has been upgraded through the number of travel opportunities which I have experienced since becoming a sugar baby, including Las Vegas and Asia.

“I visited Greece with one sugar daddy aged around 35. I accompanied him on a business trip, staying in a luxury hotel and receiving a large amount of spending money.”

On the topic of gifts, Chloe said: “I’ve accumulated luxury items, including numerous designer bags, shoes, watches, clothing, and jewellery.

Credit: @chloe.hyams

“I have received Tiffany and Swavorski jewellery, around £800 of designer shoes, AirPods, a Christian la Croix handbag and university textbooks to the value of £200.”

And Chloe says that being a sugar baby has beneficial in the sense that she has more time than others to study, as unlike other students she doesn’t need a part-time job.

“It has greatly enhanced my life as a student, from being gifted expensive textbooks to no longer having to work long and strenuous bar shifts, which would be detrimental to my studies.”

Although there are a lot of highs to Chloe’s career path, there are some lows, as she explained: “The best part of being a sugar baby is the financial freedom it gives you. However, the worst part is receiving judgement from friends and family who do not fully understand the concept of sugar dating.

Credit: @chloe.hyams

“All my arrangements have been completely platonic and are based solely on companionship. In future I would like a relationship, but not with a sugar daddy.”

After having so many amazing experiences, Chloe knows exactly what her ideal date would be. The students lists Mayfair as the desired location, but she does enjoy visiting The Shards.

“The best area of London to date is Mayfair, due to its magnetic appeal to wealthy and successful businessmen.

“It also offers a fantastic array of restaurants and bars, in which to work your ‘sugar magic’.

“Undoubtedly, the top place to go on a date in London is the Shard,” she said.

“This is due to its wide selection of restaurants and bars as well as unbeatable views of London city. Another excellent date option is rooftop bars, such as The Rooftop St. James, which are perfect for warm summer evenings.”

Explaining the life of a typical sugar daddy, Chloe said: “The typical London sugar daddy works in finance and/or banking in the city, he’ll take you on your first date to an expensive meal in Mayfair and he’s between 35 and 50 years old.

Meanwhile, a sugar baby is generally “… young, ambitious, and an attractive female, who has clear, outlined goals and desires, and enjoys the company of older and wiser men, whom she can learn from.”

Credit: @chloe.hyams

Chloe says when she goes on a date, she opts to wear something “modest” and “classy”, such as a little black dress for a dinner date.

She says an essential is her handbag, that contains her favourite makeup items and perfume so she always maintains a glamorous and fresh appearance. Plus, she never forgets to have mints for that extra fresh breath!

Chloe has plenty of icebreakers for when she meets new sugar daddies so that there’s no awkward tension. She often shares a random and unusual fact about herself, which she believes allows them to connect on a much deeper level.

She says it is also good to keep in mind your body language, by making sure to always remain your eye contact and have an open, comfortable posture.

What Chloe makes sure is a major priority is her safety, she has the ‘Find My Friends’ app which allows her close friends to keep a track on her location and she always insists on meeting in a public place.

She admits that some of the men from Seeking Arrangements have other intentions, rather than being a sugar daddy and having a “mutually beneficial” relationship. These types of men, Chloe describes as a “salty daddy”.

“In my opinion, the best way to avoid “salty daddies” is to be patient,” she said.

“Spend time talking via text or phone prior to meeting. The “salt daddies” will eventually flake out because they have no interest in being a part of a fulfilling arrangement which involves an investment of time and resources.

“Patience is a virtue. Furthermore, if a meeting is to happen, sugar babies can do much to verify POT sugar daddy’s calibre in many ways, from how he treats service staff to his appearance, grammar, manners and more.”

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Do you have a story for us? If so, email us at [email protected]. All contact will be treated in confidence.