Netflix’s ‘Best Show Ever’ Is So Good That Fans Are Binging It All In One Night

The new Netflix series Supacell has become a major success, with fans binging the entire season in one night. 
Credit: Netflix

A new Netflix series has become a major success, with fans binging the entire season in one night. 

The new TV show, which follows people who suddenly develop superpowers, is said to be redefining the superhero genre.

It’s become so popular it’s ranked as no. 2 on the streaming platform’s charts in the U.S.

One fan says it is ‘fresh, innovative storytelling and has richly developed characters.’

Another adds: “Go watch this show. Best thing I’ve seen on Netflix in a long time.”

Supacell (2024).
The superhero series has been praised for its plot and characters. Credit: Netflix

“It kept me on the edge of my seat the entire way through. Nice to have an original superhero story. Something new and exciting,” someone else says.

A fourth person writes: “The way this show manages to be entertaining thanks to the fantasy/sci-fi side of it but also so informative and eye-opening, was a really beautiful surprise. I need a season 2 expeditiously.”

The superhero show’s description reads: “In South London, a group of normal people suddenly develop superpowers, and the only apparent connection between them is that they are all Black; as they deal with the impact of their powers on their daily lives, one man must bring them together.”

Supacell (2024).
Fans are desperately hoping for a second season. Credit: Netflix

It was created by British rapper, record producer, and screenwriter Andrew Onwubolu MBE, best known by his stage name Rapman.

Rapman is the first Black filmmaker to write and produce an original series for Netflix, as per Complex.

Andrew Onwubolu MBE
Rapman wanted to create a superhero show ‘that was realistic to what a normal person do if they had powers.’ Credit: Alamy

In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Rapman was asked where the original idea for the superhero show came from, to which he said: “I was always a massive fan of the genre. I loved Heroes, Misfits, old school Batman, but I never saw a superhero story that was realistic to what a normal person would do if they had powers.”

When asked what he wanted people to take from the show, he responded: “I obviously want people to enjoy it and be entertained, but I want this to open doors for more high caliber, Black stories.

“I want to see Black zombie movies, Black fantasy stories like Game of Thrones, Black wizards and magicians like Harry Potter. This way, Black actors and creatives have more work and it opens more doors.”

Supacell (2024).
Supacell has an impressive score of 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. Credit: Netflix

The show also has a hugely impressive score of 100% on Rotten Tomatoes and 6.8% on IMDb.

Jonathon Wilson, of Ready Steady Cut, writes: “Rapman’s homegrown Netflix series has its roots in the streets of South London but its finger on the pulse of contemporary entertainment, using the framework of superpowers to tell a very specific story about the Black British experience.”

Decider‘s Pat Stacey adds: “It’s one that keeps a foot planted firmly in a recognizably real world. Excellent.”

Fans of Supacell are desperately hoping for a second season, which Rapman hints could be on the cards.

He tells UNILAD: “I’ve told Netflix loads of times that I’ve got plans for multiple seasons. But you know how it goes, they’re gonna see how it does, and hopefully, we get the next season.”

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