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Server Leaves People Gobsmacked After Sharing How Much She Made In Tips On Super Bowl Sunday

A server has left people gobsmacked after sharing how much she made in tips on Super Bowl Sunday. 
Credit: @jeninaaxoxo/TikTok

A server has left people gobsmacked after sharing how much she made in tips on Super Bowl Sunday. 

The prestigious American Football game is one of the most iconic sporting events in the world.

People from all over the country tune in to watch the game to find out who will be crowned the NFL Champion.

With it arguably being one of the busiest days of the year, you’d have to wonder how much servers get tipped for working it.

Well, one has revealed how much she earned and she’s now going viral.

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If you are not familiar with tipping in the US, it is not mandatory as diners are often expected to add a gratuity, according to Travel Insider.

Roughly, the average tip is around 15 to 20% of the total meal cost – with 25% awarded for excellent service.

In her two TikTok posts, Jenina details her experience working during the event.

The first one shows her in her uniform at Bombshells, a restaurant chain in the US.

She claims that she was given a section of outdoor tables, despite it being 57 degrees outside, and was told she has to stay outdoors even though she has no customers.

@jeninaaxoxo safe to say it’s my last day at bombshells yall really don’t care about your servers #bombshells #sanantonio ♬ original sound – Jenina

In her second video, Jenina shockingly reveals that she only made $6 in tips for working the Super Bowl.

In a teary-eyed video, she explains: “I’ve been serving since I was 19, and I’m 23… and I had the worst shift I’ve ever had.”

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Jenina continues: “I work at Bombshells, and I’ve already been looking for another job, and it’s not because the money isn’t there, like I’ve been getting really good tips, but they put an insane amount of servers on the floor.

“On a slow Monday morning, there’s 15-16 servers on the floor.”

She then says how she was excited to work Super Bowl Sunday, as it would be a great way for her to earn good tips.

But Jenina was surprised to find out that there were 23 servers on the floor.

@jeninaaxoxo if you’re thinking about working at the SATX location don’t #greenscreen #superbowl #serverlife #server #bombshells ♬ original sound – Jenina

The TikToker claims she was told by management to remain on the patio – which was her section – even though customers were sharing their concerns for her because of how cold it was.

Jenina adds that customers would suggest that she should go inside where it was warm.

Her only table for the night tipped her $10, Jenina says, which became $6 after she shared her tip with the kitchen.

Server discusses tips on Super Bowl Sunday.
The server has left people gobsmacked after sharing how much she made in tips on Super Bowl Sunday. Credit: @jeninaaxoxo/TikTok

Many people are taking to the comments section to share their shock at Jenina’s low earnings from tips.

One person says: “23 is an absurd amount of servers and the fact that the managers had to ask if you were a server is insane. I would ghost that job entirely.”

“Bro I would’ve quit on the spot, I’m so sorry,” comments another.

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Someone else explains: “You know by law if you don’t make minimum wage the restaurant is required to pay you the difference.”

Another user writes: “What the hell that’s WAY too many servers! Can’t believe they made you stand outside the whole time.”

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