Supermarket Worker Stuns TikTok With ‘Vile’ Things Left Behind By Customers

A supermarket worker has left TikTok users stunned by showing them some of the 'vile' things she's found in the shopping aisles.
Credit: @chelseaj1617/TikTok

A supermarket worker has left TikTok users stunned by showing them some of the ‘vile’ things she’s found in the shopping aisles.

Chelsea Jones, whose username is @chelseaj1617, made a series of videos showcasing the gross items workers are subjected to in-store, left behind by customers.

Some items were as you’d expect – like an empty packet of beef jerky – but the disgust came when Jones showed a menstrual cup left on an aisle and a used condom on the toilet floor.

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Users were quick to leave comments in support of supermarket workers, saying people are ‘disgusting’ and another said she once found a negative pregnancy test on the floor in Walmart.

One user said: “I feel so bad for workers, that customers leave it like this. As a customer, I could NEVER. Retail workers are HUMAN too.”

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Another added: “I would leave that period cup right there! Ain’t no amount of gloves or money.”

A third wrote: “People are disgusting.”

Another staff member even took to the comments after finding a used pregnancy test on the floor, writing: “I used to work at Walmart.

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“Had a lady use a preggo test in the bathroom and left it on the floor. It was negative.”

The video amassed more than 6,000 likes and gained over 100 comments from shocked viewers who expressed their sympathy for retail workers for having to deal with that.

This isn’t the only supermarket outrage seen online in recent times, as the Daily Star reported a man filmed himself farting into a supermarket intercom after he was unable to find a staff member to help him with something.

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Written by Cal Gaunt

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