Susanna Reid Blasts ‘Gaslighting’ Tory MPs Over Alleged Christmas Party 

Susanna Reid has blasted 'gaslighting' Tory MPs and other Downing Street staff for 'muddying the waters' over an alleged Christmas party in December last year.  
Credit: ITV

Susanna Reid has blasted ‘gaslighting’ Tory MPs and other Downing Street staff for ‘muddying the waters’ over an alleged Christmas party in December last year when Covid restrictions were in place. 

A video obtained by ITV shows Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s former press secretary, Allegra Stratton, appearing to confirm that the party took place. 

Talking about the incident with co-host Adil Ray and journalist Kevin Maguire on Good Morning Britain, Reid said: “Of course, everyone is asking – well, we’re confident that a party went ahead in Downing Street.

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“We have inside sources who say a party went ahead and we have had the Prime Minister and other Cabinet ministers not denying that a party went ahead.

“However, No 10’s official spokesperson says there was no party.”

She continued: “That video suggests that they were expecting questions about a party that went ahead.

“This feels like gaslighting where we know something happened, but we are constantly having the waters muddied. 

“The spokesperson there says a year ago, what’s the right answer? Well, the right answer is that you say what happened!”

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Maguire, who was also part of the discussion, added: “600 people died on the night that Downing Street had the party.

“It’s reached the point when Ant and Dec routinely joke about it on I’m A Celeb.”

GMB’s former presenter, Piers Morgan, also slammed the ‘shameful’ PM and Downing Street staff.

He tweeted: “Wow. The big lie exposed, in their own damning words.

“And look how funny they all found it. I doubt the British public will find this quite so amusing.”

Since the footage has come to light, Downing Street has released a statement, saying: “There was no Christmas party. Covid rules have been followed at all times.”

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