‘Shocking’ True Story Of Woman Who ‘Faked Being A 9/11 Survivor’

Tania Head faked being a survivor of 9/11.
Credit: Channel 4

As the anniversary of 9/11 draws near, take a look at the ‘shocking’ true story of a woman who ‘faked being a survivor’.

Shortly after the tragic event took place on September 11, 2001, Tania Head, from Barcelona, Spain, came forward with a heartbreaking account of what happened to her, describing it as like something out of a ‘horror movie’.

Opening up at the time, she said: “People were mounted on top of each other, the smell of burned skin, and people’s insides, was gagging.

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“I kept thinking about my fiancé and about our wedding. I wanted to wear that white dress and swear my love for him.”

Many people became convinced by Head’s story, as she appeared to have a badly injured arm from the incident.

She joined a survivors group and even forked out for trauma experts to come and do talks.

However, Head’s story came crashing down when she penned a newsletter that claimed to document what had supposedly happened to her.

As more people read her story, ‘inconsistences’ were spotted and some suggested her arm didn’t look burned as she had claimed. Plus, she never brought along any family or friends to the meetings.

For a while, people tried to justify Head’s unusual actions by saying she simply had a different way of dealing with the trauma.

But things changed when a profile was written on her by the New York Daily News, as journalists David W Dunlap and Serge F Kovaleski ripped apart her account.

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Tania Head faked being a 9/11 survivor and allegedly tricked others. Credit: Channel 4

Although she had previously been happy to tell her tale, the now 48-year-old reportedly became quiet and wasn’t as eager to open up after hearing there had been some scrutiny.

It was then uncovered that Head had never worked at a bank, as she had claimed, and had never been employed at the World Trade Center.

To top it off, her ‘fiancé’s’ family had never even heard of her.

It then transpired that Head wasn’t even in the US on September 11. She was apparently in her native country and studying at a business school.

However, the woman could never be charged with any crimes, as she had never profited from her claims.

At this moment in time, Tania Head’s whereabouts is unknown.

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