Young Mum, 22, ‘Used Sunbeds Every Day’ At Height Of ‘Addiction’

A young mum has appeared on BBC's Tanorama and opened up about her 'addiction' to sunbeds, despite being aware of the many health risks involved.
Credit: Tanorama via BBC

A young mum has appeared on BBC’s Tanorama and admitted that at the height of her ‘addiction,’ she would use sunbeds every day.

Lauren Nicole Thompson, 22, revealed in the docuseries that she began tanning at 18 years old, as she wanted ‘a bit of colour’.

But eventually, she began using sunbeds every day to get that golden glow.

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The young mum was ‘addicted’ to sunbeds and even tried tanning injections. Credit: Tanorama via BBC

Lauren explained: “At one point, I was using the sunbed every day for 10 minutes, every day.

“Friends would say, ‘Oh my god’. It goes to your head where you feel like you need one.”

As well as using sunbeds, the mum-of-one also tried tanning injections, which led to her getting a kidney infection.

The injection causes the skin to produce a pigment called melanin by mimicking a hormone. Currently, it is illegal to sell in the UK.

According to Cancer Research UK, tanning injections may contain dangerous chemicals, as they’re unregulated and unlicensed. Plus, like sunbeds, they increase the risk of developing skin cancer.

At the time, Lauren had been aware of the dangers but said her addiction meant she didn’t ‘really care’.

“When you tan, as bad as it sounds, you don’t really care,” she commented.

As reported in the Liverpool Echo, Lauren’s habit may have started when she watched her mum using sunbeds, as it made her want to use them too.

She explained: “When I was young my mum would use the sunbeds constantly and I would always go with her and sit on the little chair by the sunbeds while she was under it.

“I always thought, ‘God I can’t wait until I can do that’ and then when I could obviously you feel delighted with yourself.

“It goes to your head where you feel like you need one. If I was going out for a night out I would never go out without having a sunbed the night before and it becomes addictive.”

Nowadays, Lauren tries to stick to fake tan instead of hopping onto the sunbeds.

“I have seen photographs of me before and thought ‘uhh’. It was just ridiculous but at the time I didn’t think I was that dark,” she admitted.

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