Influencer Cries After ‘Dream’ Tattoo Goes Horribly Wrong

A woman was left in tears after her 'Angel Energy' tattoo went wrong.
Credit: @tiakabirr/Tiktok

A woman was left in tears after her ‘dream’ tattoo went horribly wrong. 

There are many tattoo stories that have gone viral – including the woman who found out her upside-down pineapple design actually has a rude meaning

Others include the supermarket worker who got a piece of ink dedicated to Asda.

However, one influencer was left sobbing after her ‘dream’ tattoo went completely wrong.

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OFs star Tia Kabir flew to Bali from Australia to get ‘angel energy’ tattooed on her left forearm.

However, she was left distraught after the ink turned out completely wrong and has documented it on TikTok.

In an emotional video, she says: “I came to Bali to get a tattoo and I’ve been dreaming of getting this tattoo.

“It’s supposed to say ‘angel energy’.”

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Kabir then reveals that the tattoo actually reads ‘energy angel’.

This left the model upset as the statement had a significant meaning in her life.

She tells Femail (via Daily Mail): ‘”I’ve always wanted something powerful such as Angel Energy on my arm as I believe through everything I have been through to becoming the influencer I am now.

“I can leave a good spirit imprinted on my body.”

Tia Kabir
OFs model Tia Kabir travelled from Australia to Bali to get her dream tattoo. Credit: @tia.theofficial/Instagram

While she expected the rather simple tattoo design to go smoothly – it was far from it.

“The size was incorrect the first time, the second was the spacing and then the third it somehow swapped the other way,” she explains.

“I was not paying attention to the tattoo as I’m soft when it comes to needles and looked away the whole time.”

@tiakabirr Im lost for words #tattoo #fypシ #fail #foryou ♬ original sound – Tia k

Kabir reveals that she asked for a refund but was refused.

The tattoo cost around 1.35 million Indonesian Rupiah – about £72.

Her TikTok post has been viewed 2.6 million times and people have taken to the comments to react to the tattoo fail.

“That’s what you get when your budget for your DREAM tattoo is $20,” says one person.

Energy Angel tattoo
Tia Kabir was left distraught after her ‘angel energy’ tattoo read ‘energy angel’. Credit: @tiakabirr/Tiktok

Someone else adds: “Don’t you usually look at the stencil before they put it on? Just saying.”

Another person comments: “Why didn’t you look at the stencil? Surely you would’ve noticed it?”

While a fourth viewer suggests: “Just get ‘positive’ written above it, it’ll say positive energy angel then, problem solved.”

“At least it doesn’t say energy angle,” jokes someone else.

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Since the tattoo fail, Kabir has shared an update, revealing she’s now had the ink modified.

The OFs model shared that the tattoo has now been fixed and it reads ‘energy of an angel’.

In a TikTok post, she says that did not expect the original post to go viral and how she has had multiple news outlets reach out to her.

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