Tattoo Model Slams Trolls Who Assume She ‘Sleeps Around’

Tattoo Model
Credit: @amber_luke666/Instagram

Tattoo model Amber Luke has slammed trolls who automatically assume she ‘sleeps around’ because of her job.

The Australian influencer, who also has an OnlyFans page, took to her Instagram to release a lengthy statement aimed at those who say it’s wrong to be ‘sexually liberating.’

Addressing her 16,000 followers, Luke told them to ‘can’ their judgement of her.

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The tattoo model has slammed trolls who automatically assume she ‘sleeps around’ because of her job.Credit: @amber_luke666/Instagram

She said: “You don’t know me, so don’t assume s*** about me or my lifestyle. PERIOD.

“I will forever wear my heart on my sleeve, despite getting knocked downtime and time again.

“I think it’s important to remember that every single individual on this earth has demons to live and deal with – so try to be a decent person.

“Just because I do porn does NOT mean I sleep around a lot.

“And even if I did, who the f*** are you to be the one to say it’s wrong to be sexually liberated?”

The post has garnered over 1700 likes on the platform, with many of the model’s followers showering her with support.

One commented: “Nicely said! I agree with you. Sending you support and positive vibes always.”

Another added: “I think you are perfection. I wouldn’t want to change a thing about you. Love is unconditional.”

Luke, whose body is 98% covered in tattoos, recently shared a ‘before’ picture of her body before she had any inkings done. 

Opening up to Daily Star about why she decided to start having them done, she said: “I felt very unlike myself. For years I was living in a body that I hated. 

“I hated the feeling I felt when I was her.

“I finally decided to stop self-hating and started loving myself instead.”

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