Teacher Reveals Outfits Work Told Her Are ‘Inappropriate’

A teacher has revealed her outfits that work supposedly told her are 'inappropriate' to be wearing. 
Credit: @meimonstaa/TikTok

A teacher has revealed her outfits that work supposedly told her are ‘inappropriate’ to be wearing. 

Meimei, who goes by the username @meimonstaa on TikTok, has claimed she’s been getting ‘in trouble’ over her choice of clothing for work.

In the clip, she explained: “I’m a student teacher and I’ve been getting dress coded a lot.”

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Student Teacher's Outfits Branded 'Inappropriate' Shocks Followers
The trainee teacher showed followers the outfits she had been told off for wearing. Credit: @meimonstaa/ TikTok

Referencing one of her outfits, which was a high-waisted pair of jeans, a T-shirt and a cardigan, she continued: “I actually got in trouble for wearing this T-shirt because apparently you’re only supposed to wear T-shirts on Spirit Day.”

The second outfit – which was made up of a white turtleneck jumper that went down to her knees, along with black tights – supposedly also got her called out.

Talking to her followers, the 21-year-old continued: “They told me it was inappropriate for school. I’m not mad at it, I just really don’t understand.

“At this point, I’m just really embarrassed. I thought it would be okay with these tights. And like, this dress is long.

“I even typed on Amazon, ‘dresses for teachers,’ and this is what came up.”

@meimonstaaHopefully this one won’t get dress coded ?♬ original sound – Mei Mei

After seeing the teacher’s look, users took to the comments section and said that she shouldn’t let work affect how she decides to dress.

“You look beautiful! said one. “From one teacher to another!”

Another added: “As a school staff, please do not let admin continue to dress code you for outfits. Schools should encourage diversity and creativity.”

However, others seemed to offer up an explanation for why she had been told off, with one writing: “I’m a student teacher and I’ve never been dress coded ever. We aren’t allowed to wear dresses or leggings. Only dress pants and tops and dress shoes.”

“I think it’s because things are cropped,” suggested a second. “We do a lot of movement so maybe that’s why?”

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