Ted Bundy’s Partner And Survivors Will Finally Speak Out About Killer In Chilling Documentary

Ted Bundy’s long term girlfriend Liz Kendall has finally decided to tell everyone what living with a serial killer is like in a chilling new documentary that explores those closest to the sadistic killer. 

The Amazon documentary series titled Ted Bundy: Falling For A Killer will expose startling new details about Kendall’s time with the serial killer as she speaks out for the first time in 40 years.

Liz Kendall and her daughter Molly lived with Bundy before she uncovered the horrific crimes he had committed and in the documentary, both will speak out about their time with him.

Not only will Kendall and her daughter be telling their version of events, there will be several of Bundy’s survivors who have also not spoken out about the case before in the docu-series.

Amazon Prime released a statement about the documentary, which said: “Bundy’s crimes from a female perspective — uncovering the disturbing and profound way in which Bundy’s pathological hatred of women collided with the culture wars and feminist movement of the 1970s, culminating in what is perhaps the most infamous true-crime saga of our time.”

Since Bundy’s death, Kendall has kept tight-lipped over her relationship with America’s most evil murderer. Although in 1981, she did pen a memoir that explored her romance with the killer.

The memoir ‘The Phantom Prince: My Life With Ted Bundy’ was reissued earlier this month in conjunction with the new Amazon series.

In the five-part series, Kendall will discuss her love for Bundy, who confessed to murdering 30 women in the 1970s after years of denying he was responsible.

It is thought that even this isn’t even close to the real number, with Bundy being linked to over 100 women’s deaths.

Credit: Ted Bundy: Falling For A Killer

Before meeting Bundy, Kendall was a single mother who had an addiction to alcohol. She first met Bundy at Sandpiper Tavern in 1969, where she claims she felt him gazing at her across the bar.

In her memoirs, she wrote: ‘The chemistry between us was incredible. I was already planning the wedding and naming the kids.

‘He was telling me that he missed having a kitchen because he loved to cook. Perfect. My Prince.’

Molly also felt a great bond with Bundy and admits they “were like a family,” as Bundy even told Kendall’s daughter he wanted to adopt her.

In the documentary, never before seen photos will be pulled out from Kendall’s archive as she tells the story from beginning to end.

She says that although the story has been told plenty of times, it’s always been from a man’s perspective but now is the time to hear the women who were involved.

Credit: Ted Bundy: Falling For A Killer

Despite appearances, Kendall started to have doubts about the man she loved when the number of murders in their area started to rise and he was always conveniently away.

Her fears were heightened when she discovered a pair of woman’s knickers and a plaster of Paris in their home. She had already heard from various news reports that the murderer was using a fake bandage to lure his victims into his car.

She decided she needed to know the truth and took the information she had to the police over several occasions.

Despite Bundy’s initial arrest for kidnap, Kendall had stuck by him and during his time in prison, she kept up a correspondence through letters, even when he was on death row.

In the new Amazon series, she is shown saying: “After he was arrested, he wrote me many, many letters. We were going to start a life together. No goodbyes. Just I love you.”

On January 24, 1989, Bundy was electrocuted by electric chair at the prison in Florida where had lived since being exposed as a serial killer. This was after he had been exposed for murdering a pair of society co-eds and the abduction, kidnapping and murder of 12-year-old Kimberly Diane Leach.

After finally attending Alcohol Anonymous and becoming sober, Kendall decided she had to cut ties with Bundy so had stopped speaking to him before this point.

You can watch the trailer for the documentary below.

Ted Bundy: Falling For A Killer will be available to watch on Amazon Prime this Friday.

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