Teenage Girl’s ‘Safety Tips’ For Women Go Viral

Woman shares safety tips
Credit: @spencer.barbosa/TikTok

A teenage girl’s list of ‘safety tips’ for women has gone viral on TikTok.

Spencer Barbosa, 18, from Ontario, Canada, said that although it ‘breaks her heart’ to have to create this type of content, she feels like her followers ‘need to know these things’. 

Speaking in the clip, she says: “It breaks my heart that I even have to make this video. But seeing as most of my followers are female, I need you to be safe and I need you to know these things.”

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A teenage girl’s safety tips for women has gone viral on TikTok. Credit: @spencer.barbosa/TikTok

She then kicks off by telling her followers they should ‘draw as much attention to themselves as possible’ if they ever feel under attack in a public place. She says to ‘act crazy,’ ‘scream, bark or even bite’ if necessary. 

The teen also said to avoid wearing a ponytail while out running as ‘it’s really easy to grab someone if they have a ponytail.’ 

Another tip is to avoid over-sharing on social media and to always keep Snap Maps – which shows other users where you are – turned off. 

@spencer.barbosaI am going to create a pt 2 with more safety tips❤️ pls stay safe always! ##positivity ##confidence ##selflove ##sextrafficawareness ##safetytipsforwomen♬ original sound – spencer barbosa🧚🏻

She also says to avoid dark places, adding: “Where there’s light, there is sight. If you can’t see what’s going on around you, you should not be alone.”

The TikToker goes on to suggest girls carry a tin of hairspray in their bag, ‘in case they need to spray someone who attacks them.’

For females who live alone, her final tip is to ‘buy a big, huge pair of work boots that are visibly dirty and visibly used, and leave them outside your front door’. 

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