Teenager Who Was ‘Swapped At Birth’ Is Suing Hospital For £2.5Million

A teenager who was 'swapped at birth' is suing the hospital for £2.5million, according to reports. 
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A teenager who was ‘swapped at birth’ is suing the hospital for £2.5million, according to reports. 

The Spanish teen, who hasn’t been publically named, reportedly discovered she was switched at La Rioja hospital back in 2002.

The shocking news came out when she took a DNA test that confirmed she wasn’t related to either her mother or father.

Healthy Baby Accidentally Terminated In ‘Fatal Error’ At Hospital

The teenager who was ‘swapped at birth’ is suing the hospital for £2.5million, according to reports. Credit: Pexels

It’s believed that the switch happened when the teen and another baby were placed in incubators due to being underweight. They were then handed back to the wrong parents.

According to Sky News, La Rioja region’s health chief, Sara Alba, said at a press conference: “It was a human error and we haven’t been able to find out who was to blame. The systems back then were different and weren’t as computerised as they are now.”

Reportedly, the other teen has been informed of the error.

This isn’t the first time two infants have been swapped at birth.

In 1994, two baby girls from France were reportedly handed to the wrong parents. At the time, the identity of the infants was put into question but the hospital staff insisted no mistake had been made.

When the two had grown up, the truth came out and they were each awarded £297,000 for the error, according to reports.

In the following year, 1995, another two infants were allegedly switched.

Paula Johnson, from the US, was left outraged when she learned she’d been raising someone else’s daughter for three years.

Reflecting on the case in 2013, she reportedly said: “I’m angry because I don’t have a relationship with my biological child.”

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