Teenager Was Left ‘Freaked Out’ After Being Told To Burn Jumper Due To Dozens Of Moth Eggs

A teenager was left “freaked out” when she was told that she should burn her jumper after she had found dozens of moth eggs stuck inside. 

Jessica Paternoster, from Norfolk, discovered that her grey knit jumper was covered in “little white specks” after she had hung it outside to dry.

As she was unsure what the strange little spots were, the 19-year-old took to social media to ask for some advice on what she should do.

On Facebook, she wrote: “Does anybody know what these are? Boyfriend bought in the washing earlier and these were stuck to my jumper.

“It was not mud or sand…I’m thinking spider eggs…”

Quickly, she found that she has tons of answers flooding her feed, with many speculating that it looked like her jumper was infested with moth eggs.

One person was so grossed out that they told her they had “freaked out”. They wrote: “Omg burn it. this is why I don’t put my washing outside.”

Another simply commented: “Moth eggs. Burn it!”

A third person then joked: “That right there, is a whole lot of nope. Not today Satan.”

Credit: Jessica Paternoster

Known to chomp their way through wool and natural fibres, moths can lay up to 100 eggs throughout the course of three weeks – meaning there would be enough to ruin a whole wardrobe of clothes if left ignored.

Jessica explained to her Facebook friends that her boyfriend had taken their clothes from their garden washing line and then put them in the basket at the end of the bed.

Thanks to some unpleasant rainy weather, the teenager had been forced to leave the clothes out on the line for two days.

Jessica had only discovered there were little spots all over her jumper when she’d hung it over her wardrobe.

Immediately after discovering it was an infestation of moth eggs, the couple dumped the jumper into the outside bin.

Jessica told The Mirror: “I calmly asked him if he had dropped the jumper on the floor by accident as it looked like mud initially.

“Then it clicked that these were eggs of some sort! Once I realised they were eggs – I was in a panic.

“I’ve never been a fan of insects and honestly I just handed the jumper to my boyfriend as quickly as I could and asked him to take it outside!”

Luckily, the rest of Jessica’s clothes had been left free of moth eggs.

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