Teenagers On TikTok Are Filming Themselves Dressing Up As Pensioners To Go And Buy Alcohol From Store

US teenagers on TikTok are trying out the latest social media trend which involves dressing up as pensioners to go and buy alcohol from liquor stores. Somehow, it has actually been proven to work and it means there’s no need for fake IDs!

The US teenagers of TikTok are trying out the latest viral trend which involves pretending to be senior citizens whilst mask-wearing, this means they can buy alcohol without the need for a fake ID.

Videos which have been posted on the social media app show teenagers across the US applying white powder in their hair and changing into something to make themselves appear older. They then head out to liquor stores with friends to purchase the alcohol.

As the coronavirus pandemic has encouraged people to wear face masks whilst out in public, many teenagers have taken advantage of this by using it to cover up their youthful complexions. One person in on the trend even used medical gloves to conceal her true age even further.

The viral trend has lead to many teens trying it out themselves, yet one of the most popular videos has reached over two million views.

In one of the videos, the 18-year-old explained that baby powder would help make her hair look greyer and she then showed herself wrapping the remaining strands in a scarf, enhancing the matronly appearance.

For good measure, she even added sunglasses and in the video, viewers can see her prank was successful as she comes out of the store carrying a bottle of wine. She actually admits the excitement had left her “shaken up”.

When asked what she would have done if they had asked for ID, she answered: “I would have said I had forgotten it in the car and left the store.”

In another of the videos a girl, whose age isn’t known, got prepared for the prank in her bedroom and she is then driven to the store by her friends. In order to make herself appear older, she wore a costume mask of a senior citizen that even had hair attached.

Whilst making her way throughout the store – slowly as she was pretending to be elderly – her friend records surreptitiously from a distance.

To the delight of her friends, she came out of the shop with a bag full of cans.

@claare__18Granny be looking a little different here!🤪🍻🍻 ##PRANK ##alcoholchallenge ##FYP ##4thOfJuly ##WearAMask

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Many have praised the “creativity” of the prank and have said they might give it a go themselves.

In the comments section of TikTok, one wrote: “These are getting all the more legit looking and I’m here for it.”

Another said: “The gloves really are the cherry on top. hiding ur youth.”

A third commented: “Omggg if I was in high school with this kind of innovation I could not be stopped!!”

Yet others said it was illegal what they were doing and some questioned whether or not they should be stopped before it gets out of hand.

So far, it isn’t known whether or not teenagers in the UK have participated in the trend, where the legal drinking age is 18.

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