Texas Governor Gregg Abbott Addresses Primary School Mass Shooting

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has responded to the Uvalde primary school shooting.
Credit: ABC News via Youtube & Google Maps

Texas Governor Gregg Abbott has responded to the tragic primary school shooting in Uvalde that reportedly claimed the lives of 19 children and two adults. 

The American politician described the incident at Robb Elementary School as a ‘horrible tragedy’.

He said: “What happened in Uvalde is a horrific tragedy that cannot be tolerated in the state of Texas. There is swift action being taken by local law enforcement.

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“Texans across the state are grieving for the victims of this senseless crime and for the community of Uvalde.

“Cecilia and I mourn this horrific loss and we urge all Texans to come together to show our unwavering support to all who are suffering.

“We thank the courageous first responders who worked to finally secure Robb Elementary School.”

Governor Abbott continued: “I have instructed the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Texas Rangers to work with local law enforcement to fully investigate this crime.

“The Texas Division of Emergency Management is charged with providing local officials all resources necessary to respond to this tragedy as the state of Texas works to ensure the community has what it needs to heal.”

Chris Evans ‘Calls For Gun Control’ After Texas Primary School Mass Shooting

According to reports, the person behind the mass shooting was an 18-year-old student.

Before opening fire at the school, it’s been alleged that the teenager shot his grandmother.

US President Joe Biden has also responded to the Texas tragedy, asking ‘when Americans will stand up to the gun lobby’.

Appearing in a news conference from the White House, he said: “Why are we willing to live with this carnage? Why do we keep letting this happen?

“Where in God’s name is our backbone to have the courage to deal with and stand up to the lobbyists?”

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