Texas Schools No Longer Have To Teach That Ku Klux Klan Is ‘Morally Wrong’

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Texas public schools no longer have to teach that the Ku Klux Klan is ‘morally wrong’. 

Education about the white supremacist organisation may be removed from the curriculum, along with Martin Luther King Jr’s ‘I Have A Dream’ speech, Native American history and literature about the women suffragist movement.

The Texas Senate voted to pass the bill and the next step is for it to be put towards the House, which happens to be led by Republicans.

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Texas public schools no longer have to teach that the Ku Klux Klan is ‘morally wrong’ due to a new bill. Credit: Unsplash

However, the bill can’t move forward at this time, as the state doesn’t have enough people to vote on the issue currently.

Democratic state Senator Judith Zaffirini publicly criticised the legislation, reports Dallas Morning News

The politician fumed: “How could a teacher possibly discuss slavery, the Holocaust, or the mass shootings at the Walmart in El Paso or at the Sutherland Springs Church in my district without giving deference to any one perspective?”

Many others have also spoken out against the bill on social media.

One Twitter user said: “I…don’t even know what to say. I may be done with this state. I honestly feel sick over all the backwards, horrible things Texas is doing.”

The Mayor of San Antonio in Texas, Julian Castro, tweeted: “Greg Abbott trying to erase MLK Jr, César Chávez, and Susan B Anthony from the Texas curriculum, and recast the KKK as the good guys.

“This is an assault on history and it must be stopped.”

Texas has made a string of controversial moves in recent months, including removing women’s rights to an abortion after six weeks and allowing its citizens to carry a firearm without a permit. This is despite increasing protests for women’s freedom of choice, and a rise in mass shootings.

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