‘That Vegan Teacher’ Banned From TikTok After Petition Receives 20,000 Signatures

‘That Vegan Teacher’ has been banned from TikTok after a petition to have her removed from the platform after a petition received 20,000 signatures. 

Although the animal rights activist racked up 1.7 million followers, her account has now been deleted for ‘violating community guidelines’.

The TikToker, whose real name is Kadie Karen Diekmeyer, has now spoken out and said that those who signed the petition should ‘feel guilty’ for silencing her voice.

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The petition received over 20,000 signatures. Credit: Instagram/@that_vegan_teacher_tiktok

In a YouTube clip, she said: “Many of you woke up this morning and found out that my account was banned on TikTok, and I know many of you are jumping for joy and thinking that this is a great victory.

“Somehow, it makes you smile to know that an animal rights activist is being silenced on one of the platforms.

“Why is that? Why does that bring you joy? I know why – because you’re feeling guilty. You know you shouldn’t be eating animals, you know you shouldn’t be paying to exploit them, and you cannot look in the mirror and see that in you.

“You’re suffering from cognitive dissonance; you think you’re a good person, but on the other hand, you pay people to rape, torture and murder these innocent animals, who never did one single thing wrong to you.”

She’s been accused of making ‘blatantly racist, bigoted [and] discriminatory statements’. Credit: Instagram/@that_vegan_teacher_tiktok
The petition description accused the teacher of hate speech and alleged that she made ‘blatantly racist, bigoted, discriminatory statements’.

It read: “Her targets have included minors under 18, the LGBTQ+ Community, person’s with disabilities, people of the black community, various religions and more.

“Diekmeyer has denied the string of accusations made and insists that she’s never forced anyone into becoming vegan, discriminated against someone, or caused a person to be unwell.”

She added: “I have repeatedly stated that the LGBTQ community, and everyone, regardless of skin colour, age, social status or religion should be given equal rights, protected, cherished and loved.

“I also stated that members of all minority groups should tap into their own oppression and use that to help them understand the oppression that the animals live each and every moment in factory farms.”

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@that_vegan_teacher_tiktok

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