The Cube’s Mystery Expert The Body Has Finally Been Unmasked

ITV’s hit show The Cube has been revived after five years and it has now been revealed who the mystery challenge expert was behind the futuristic mask. 

From when the show started in 2009, to when the show ended back in 2015, Andrianna Christofi donned the iconic white and red suit alongside her identity-obscuring mask as she completed tasks as her role as The Body on the hit ITV show.

The Sun has reported that the 44-year-old has been finally been unmasked, and it turns out that she’s been in the entertainment industry for over 20 years and has even worked with the Spice Girls and Boyzone.

The half-Greek model from Essex worked alongside Philip Schofield on the game show, as she showed contestants how to complete tasks in demonstration videos. Somehow, she always managed to make it look ridiculously easy.

Credit: Twitter

Discussing her role on The Cube, she told The Sun: “I often get asked for kinky stuff. Some see me as a dominatrix. ‘I’ll pay you this amount if I can wrestle you’.”

Revealing more of her career, Andrianna said that she had also been involved in the England-Greece World Cup qualifier in 2001, she sang the national anthems.

The brunette beauty claims that during this event, she heard that David Beckham was “crushing” on her.

Credit: Instagram

Speaking of her love life, she revealed that she had previously dated X-Factor’s Chico Slimani, who she met at a Christmas party where he was working as a stripper.

On her LinkedIn account, it says that Andrianna has a range of talents and that she’s worked for EA Sports at Excel Clothes Show Live and a Greek travel programme.

Even though it’s been a decade since the ITV game show started, Andrianna’s identity as The Body was kept a tight-lipped secret, with even Philip having no idea who she was at first.

Credit: Twitter

At the time, he told The Mirror: “The Body is a phenomenon, she is the expert at all the challenges but you never see her without her mask.

“I’ve been trying to sneak a peak but so far I too am in the dark as to who she, it’s a very closely guarded secret! She’s superhuman and allegedly gorgeous!”

Often, The Body has been compared to Top Gear’s masked regular The Stig.

The executive producer of The Cube, Justin Gorman, has commented: “A comparison to the Stig is flattering although her skills are very different.”

However, Andrianna Christofi is no longer The Body in the current series. After working for the programme for six years, the show now has two brand new experts to show how the challenges should be done – once again, their identities remain a mystery.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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