The Glass Slipper Project Is A Charity Which Makes Free Prom Dresses So No One Misses Out!

A charity is making free prom dresses so that no one misses out on one of the most important rituals of high school!

The Glass Slipper Project is hoping to help young girls from low-income families be able to attend their school proms by providing free prom dresses.

Every young girl should get to feel like Cinderella for one magical night, and thanks to Glass Slipper that has become a possibility.

The non-profit organisation collects donated dresses and distributes them free of charge to students in need. Its mission being “to help ease stress and ensure that everyone has the chance to feel exceptionally beautiful on prom day.”

Credit: The Glass Slipper Project

The organisation often holds free prom dress giveaways at local high schools as typically, students are being pressured into buying expensive dresses by their peers. As classmates feel they can’t succumb to this pressure, they feel they have no choice but to skip the event entirely.

However, the Glass Slipper Project gives anyone interested plenty of choice, with “every shape, size, colour and size” being made available – some even still have their tags on!

The branch manager of Glass Slipper, Lori Barker, said: “It’s just a feel-good day to be able to give that Cinderella experience to someone who otherwise wouldn’t get it.”

Barker also works for the Catapult Leadership Society, which is an organisation that helps students break the barriers that stop them from getting involved with the community. She has now merged the two projects together by getting members of the Catapult Leadership to volunteer to help those in need of finding a dress.

Credit: The Glass Slipper Project

As well as taking home a prom dress, the girls are also allowed to take home a free pair of shoes to match and one accessory.

Barker thinks the Glass Slipper project is fantastic, as nobody has to know it was all free and it can be kept discrete.

For those unsure or who need advice, there’s plenty of assistance on hand, with volunteers such as Linnea Swinimer, who said: “Some of them are looking for that non-mom opinion and I’m here to give them that.”

Chatters Hair Salon occasionally donates free updos whilst Don Schelew Dry Cleaning has offered to professionally dry clean any dress so that it’s immaculate for prom.

Throughout the year, prom dresses are collected for prom season and students that use the service are encouraged to return the dress so someone else gets to have their picture-perfect moment.

Any dresses that do not find a home will be stored in bins at Young Street Storage until April the following year when the cycle begins once again.

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Do you have a story for us? If so, email us at [email protected]. All contact will be treated in confidence.