The Last Of Us Trailer: HBO Drop Full Trailer – Watch In Full

The trailer for the much anticipated HBO series The Last Of Us has just dropped and fans are saying it looks 'incredible'.
Credit: HBO

HBO has brought the highly popular Playstation game The Last Of Us to life and the trailer has got fans very excited.

The show is an adaptation of the popular video game of the same name, that will follow Joel Miller (Pedro Pascal) and a young girl called Ellie (Bella Ramsey) as they make their way across a post-apocalyptic America.

A brief snippet for The Last Of Us was released earlier this year, but now fans have been treated to the first full trailer.

Watch the trailer for The Last Of Us below…

With a release date sometime in 2023, the anticipation for the show is growing and people have been reacting to the footage on social media.

On Twitter, one fan posted: “I’ve avoided all these years of paying for HBO or anything. This will be the show that finally draws me in. Gladly take all my money.”

“Genuinely looks incredible. There are some shots and locations that are directly ripped from the game,” shared someone else.

Another fan praised the casting of Pascal as Joel, by describing it as: “This is such perfect casting!!!! He’s gonna be fantastic.”

Someone else shared the same sentiment as they tweeted: “He’s f***ing perfect oh my god.”

“Excited, a little bit scared though, I hope they don’t f*** it up and the writing is good, but Pedro Pascal as Joel will be awesome,” shared a fourth fan.

Along with Neil Druckmann, the original creator of the game, The Last Of Us will be co-created by Craig Mazin, who created the critically acclaimed HBO show Chernobyl.

The creative team behind this show also has fans excited, as they believe it is in good hands.

One person said: “Yes! Dude, HBO is almost a guarantee of high quality. And it’s coming from Chernobyl series producer.”

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This is not the first time a live-action adaptation of The Last Of Us has been attempted.

After the game’s release in 2013, Druckmann began working on a script for a film, with Spider-Man and Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness director Sam Raimi set to direct.

However, that entered development hell and it was not until 2020 that HBO partnered with Sony to bring The Last Of Us to the small screen.

Pedro Pascal in The Last Of Us
Fans got their first look at Pedro Pascal as Joel Miller in The Last Of Us trailer. Credit: HBO

The game, which also released a successful sequel The Last Of Us Part 2 in 2020, is regarded as one of the best and most critically acclaimed titles of all time.

Upon its initial release (it has since had two more re-releases in 2014 and 2022), it got scored a perfect 10 from IGN.

It would also go on to win more than 30 game awards, including Game of the Year at the D.I.C.E Awards (2014) and Best Game at the British Academy Video Game Awards (2014).

Druckmann spoke to Script in 2021 about the differences between writing a video game and a TV series.

He explained: “They’re both long-form. When you’re writing cinematics in a game, that’s probably the closest to them being similar. 

“Where it starts deviating quite a bit is the endgame dialogue where things are aligned on variables and what the player is experiencing the game. 

“Whereas a TV show is more straightforward in that it’s a passive experience and going to be experienced by everyone the same exact way. 

“And, therefore, you have those more rigid constraints that allow in some ways more freedom, in some ways, less.”

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The cast has also spoken about their experiences on the show, with Bella Ramsey revealing that she has not actually played the game.

Speaking to USA Today, when asked if she had ever had any interaction with The Last Of Us video game, she responded: I was actually encouraged not to.

“After my first audition, they asked me, ‘Have you played it?’ And I said, ‘Nope’, and they said, ‘Keep it that way’.

“I did watch some of the gameplay on YouTube just to get a sense of it.”

Ramsey continued: “I shot for a whole year, which is quite a long time when you’ve only lived for 19 years.

“Pedro wrote a little card to me at the end, saying, ‘How interesting that something so huge and life-changing should happen so early in your life and so late in mine’.

:I thought it was a really sweet observation and I just had the best time. ”

The Last Of Us is set to release in 2023 on HBO Max, Sky Atlantic, and NowTV.

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