The New Super Nintendo World Theme Park Will Allow Fans To Enter A ‘Life-Size, Living Video Game’

Universal’s Super Nintendo World attraction that is opening this summer in Japan is promising fans the opportunity to enter a ‘life-size, living video game’. 

Since the announcement of Universal’s Super Nintendo World, there has been little information as to what it will entail unless it has come from leaks. Yet this speculation can finally come to an end as Universal has unveiled a few key details about it – which will make anyone want to book a flight to Japan ASAP.

A press conference took place earlier today, which involved Universal officially confirming that park visitors will be given wristbands upon entry, which will be called Power Up Bands and a special mobile phone app that will allow you to collect virtual coins and stamps by exploring the entire park. Essentially, this will be turning the theme park into a ‘life-size, living video game’.

The coin and stamp collecting will result in a competitive activity amongst park visitors but it will be required that there is some cooperation between players as there will also be keys that can be used to unlock virtual boss battles.

To help advertise the theme park, a special music video was shown at the event, which features British artist Charli XCX and Swedish DJ duo Galantis.

Despite the video being more of a proof-of-concept, it doesn’t actually show the park – but it does reveal the majority of activities that have been previously mentioned. The trailer shows attendees racing each other in the bid for coins, working together to get past Bowser and his minions in order to reach the flagpole.

Although it is called Super Nintendo World, there is a definite emphasis on the Mario series as it is the main focus of the video, along with all other promotional materials that have been released.

Previous leaks have revealed that there are plans for a Yoshi-themed ride and a Donkey Kong Country area. Yet there still hasn’t been any sign of anything Legend of Zelda or Splatoon related, which could potentially leave many fans extremely disappointed.

Super Nintendo World will open in Universal Studios Japan, which means it is arriving just in time for the 2020 Olympics. Eventually, the plan is for Orlando, Hollywood and Singapore parks to also have a Super Nintendo World. However, at this point in time, there has been no confirmation of any other release schedules for openings outside of Japan.

Check out the Super Nintendo World Music Video trailer below.

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Do you have a story for us? If so, email us at [email protected]. All contact will be treated in confidence.