‘The Simpsons’ Under Fire Over Joe Rogan ‘Parody’ Episode

The Simpsons is under fire over a Joe Rogan 'spoof' episode following his Spotify scandal.
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The Simpsons, which has made several ‘predictions’ over the years, is under fire over a Joe Rogan ‘parody’ episode following his Spotify scandal. 

In the brand new episode of Season 33, titled ‘You Won’t Believe What This Episode is About – Act Three Will Shock You!,’ Homer Simpson is publically shamed for leaving his dog, Santa’s Little Helper, in a hot car.

It appears to satirise ‘cancel culture,’ as the character loses his job, as well as being ostracised by family and friends.

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Later on in the episode, Homer ends up meeting a Rogan lookalike (whose name is never mentioned), who has a studio which is referred to as ‘Right-Wing Podcast House’.

After watching the show, many people took to Twitter and pointed out that this was a clear reference to the American commentator.

One tweeted: “The Simpsons are doing an episode where Homer gets cancelled and meets Joe Rogan. For f*** sake, they’re so washed.”

Another added: “I’m not even a Joe Rogan hater but there’s no clearer sign that The Simpsons needs to end their run.”

“It’s sad how The Simpsons’ writers once had their finger on the pulse of popular culture and now they are completely out of touch,” a third said in reference to the episode.

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Others took to Twitter and argued that as it was never clearly specified it was Rogan, viewers shouldn’t presume.

Defending the American, one person penned: “The guy doesn’t even look like Joe Rogan nor is Joe Rogan even right-wing.

“The message of mob mentality and someone who did nothing wrong being publicly shamed is actually a decent one, but like most of modern Simpsons, the writers dropped the ball.”

The episode has since been branded ‘self-contradictory’ and ‘bizarrely misguided’ by a Screenrant critic.

They argued that unlike Rogan, Homer was undeserving of the backlash.

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