‘The Simpsons’ Super Bowl 2022 ‘Prediction’ Goes Viral

The Simpsons supposedly foreshadowed the 2022 Super Bowl results - but not everyone is so sure about it. 
Credit: Disney via YouTube

The Simpsons, which ‘predicted’ the death of Prince Philip and the Astroworld disaster, supposedly ‘foreshadowed’ the 2022 Super Bowl results – but not everyone is so sure. 

People have been taking to social media and trying to convince others that the animated show correctly guessed that the Bengals would win, despite them being given the odds of 120-1 when the season began.

The Twitter account NFL Memes joined in on the theory and shared an image from the programme which shows the Cincinnati cheerleaders supporting the team.

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They also shared another photo from The Simpsons’ news channel, in which two helmets can be seen – with one resembling the Bengals and the other being LA Rams – with ‘Bengals Win Super Bowl’ superimposed over it.

It was captioned: “Bet the house on the Bengals.”

Many people have slammed the theory, arguing that it isn’t exactly a ‘prediction’ as all the still images are taken from different episodes.

Apparently, the cheerleader is from Season 16, in the episode ‘Homer and Ned’s Hail Mary Pass,’ while the other is way back in Season 3.

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Pointing out the flaw in this ‘prediction,’ one tweeted: “Three different pics from three entirely different episodes in which none of them ever predicted Bengals going to the Super Bowl or winning the Super Bowl.”

“Exactly, man!” another replied. “I’ve been a Simpson fan since very little and they never mentioned a Bengals Super Bowl win, also always when they mention Cincy, always they lost!!!!”

A third commented: “I’ve been a Simpsons fan since episode one and they never predict who will go to the Super Bowl – they add the voice over to the animation after the match-up is set.”

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