‘The Simpsons’ Super League Prediction: Football Fans Create Meme

The Simpsons Super League

The Simpsons Super League memes are flooding social media as the cartoon has apparently made another 2021 prediction, but what’s it all about?

Football fans are taking to social media to poke fun at how the cartoon predicted the downfall of the Super League in the episode: ‘Bart After Dark’.

The joke came after a clip from the episode has been used to create a football meme.

But, what exactly is the meme and have The Simpsons made a real prediction or is it just good humour? Let’s find out…

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The Simpsons Super League Meme with Grandpa Abe scene
The Simpsons Super League Meme with Grandpa Abe. Credit: Disney

The Simpsons Super League prediction

The Simpsons has made plenty of accurate predictions in the past. However, this time it seems that footy fans are using a scene from the cartoon as a ‘joke’ only.

On Sunday 18 April, 12 of Europe’s elite clubs including Premier League clubs: Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Arsenal, Manchester United, and Tottenham Hotspur broke away from the UEFA Champions League.

The announcement caused quite the uproar, with fans from across the world expressing disappointment.

An almost immediate U-turn social media response quickly came about. Fans chose to use a moment from Simpsons’ episode ‘Bart After Dark’ to poke fun.

In the scene that was used as a meme, Grandpa Abe Simpson walks into a bordello. He hangs his hat up before seeing his grandson, Bart Simpson, in the lobby.

Quickly, he does a U-turn, picks up his hat and leaves again.

Simpsons’ clip on social media

This particular clip from The Simpsons has been shared on social media countless times. One user said: “The Simpsons also predicted the Super League!”

Another one posted: “Oh my god I can’t believe The Simpsons even predicted the European Super League.”

And, even Manchester City’s own centre back, Aymeric Laporte, tweeted the meme with: “That was quick lol.”

Featured Image Credit: Disney

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