The UK Has A Winner For Messiest Bedroom After People Have Submitted Their Filthy Pictures

The UK has officially crowned the winner of the country’s messiest bedroom after a nationwide photo competition began to find the untidiest and most cluttered bedroom. The competition was judged by bed and mattress specialist Bed SoS. 

Across the country, people have been submitting their photos of their filthy bedrooms and not to get help cleaning them, but rather to get awarded for their blissful ignorance to mess. Of course, some parents decided to enter their kids into the competition, for a bit of a laugh – whereas some took it pretty seriously and hoped to gain the crown.

A spokesman for Bed SoS stated: “These pictures prove that we can sometimes let life get on top of us. Although it may seem like a chore, a tidy bedroom and a comfy bed, free of clutter, can have a huge impact on the quality of our sleep.

“Hopefully, these pictures inspire you to give your bedroom a tidy, to ensure you get a good night’s rest.”

The winner of the competition was Anna Wrigley, based in Kendal, Cumbria, as she shared her picture of her bedroom which was what it looked like the morning after a night out. She had left a half-eaten takeaway on the floor.

Let’s check out the Top 10 Messiest Bedrooms in the UK:

10. Samantha Oakley:  It’s a good job that Samantha has the ladder – so she can find whatever’s under that mess!

Credit: Samantha Oakley

9. Sophie’s Daughter’s Room: Sophie decided to send in her daughter’s room – which by the looks of things doesn’t look like that door has been opened in a long time!

Credit: Bed SoS

8. Emma Fox: The Care Bears on the windowsill look like the only thing that has been cared for in a while.

Credit: Emma Fox

7. Hannah Griffin: This mum decided to share her 20-year-old son’s bedroom, probably in the hopes of shaming him into tidying it.

Credit: Hannah Griffin

6. Haleema Khanum: Now seriously, where would you start when cleaning this mucky bedroom?

Credit: Haleema Khanum

5. Jenny’s Daughter’s Room: According to Jenny, this is the tidiest she’s ever seen her daughter’s bedroom – which is very concerning.

Credit: Bed SoS

4. Philip Burch: I dread to think what’s under Philip’s piles of clothes and mess.

Credit: Philip Burch

3. Melek Gil: It appears Melek forgot to put away his Christmas decorations.

Credit: Melek Gil

2. Sam Thomas: It looks like Sam has given up on keeping a tidy bedroom…

Credit: Sam Thomas

And the winner is… Anna Wrigley: The 24-year-old decided to share her picture of what her bedroom looks like after a night out – it looks almost as bad as her hangover probably was. 

Credit: Anna Wrigley

You can check out the Top 25 Messiest Bedrooms in the UK (as voted by Bed SoS) by clicking here.

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