The UK’s Dogging Capital Has Been Announced

In October 2020, research was conducted to find out where in the UK is the capital of dogging and experts can now reveal that it is Manchester – oh what an honour. 

Due to the sizzling heatwave we had over last summer and sexual tension building up throughout lockdowns, there has been an 85 per cent increase in the number of people searching for hookup spots in the great outdoors – with Mancunians apparently loving it most out amongst nature!

A list has been compiled by dating site Datingroo, which has established the most popular areas in the country for the ‘outdoor pursuit’.

The company discovered that in Manchester, there had been a whopping 30,000 searches for dogging in the two months prior to the study being carried out.

In and around Manchester, it was revealed that there are approximately 131 outdoor hookup spots, based on searches.

This means that Manchester had surpassed London, which has just 67 spots, Liverpool (81), Essex (85) and Newcastle (59).

So if you’ve been reading this and have absolutely no idea what dogging actually is, we’re about to shed some light – and you might have wished you’d never wanted to learn more.

There had been a whopping 30,000 searches in Manchester for dogging in the two months prior to the study being carried out.

‘Dogging’ is essentially when people go out and watch other people participate in sexual acts in a public or semi-public place, this could be woodlands or even a car park.

Although it isn’t clear where the term originated from, there is one theory that suggests it came from ‘going out to walk the dog’, which may be an excuse to participate in such activities.

Others believe it comes from the verb ‘to dog’, meaning to track or follow something.

Despite it not being classed as illegal, there is the possibility you could be prosecuted under “outraging public decency”. And unsurprisingly, police advise you not to practise this activity.

In 2019, a police spokesperson stated: “Sex in public places is not necessarily illegal.

“However we will take action where anyone could be offended by another person’s conduct or actions.”

Featured Image Credit: Pexel

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